Hope Wissel


As the sun begins to rise on Easter morning, I think of Easter’s past…

As a child, memories include my parents going to sunrise service and leaving me at my grandparents, large Easter baskets filled with candy, new outfits to wear to church, trips to the boardwalk for the Easter parade and always the family dinner.

As the years passed, life seemed to get in the way -no more fancy Easter outfits, no more Easter baskets combined with a feeling of not belonging.  Then I was blessed with my daughter, +Belinda Heldreth

Childhood memories and traditions came back to life from Belinda’s first Easter.  Although fancy Easter dresses were not her favorite thing, she always gave in at least for a few hours.  Belinda didn’t eat chocolate – I know SHOCKING – so Easter baskets were filled with other treats. Trips to the boardwalk in Ocean City became a regular event ending with dinner with the family.The family was smaller now – Edythe, Elsie, Grams, Mom, Belinda and I but we were blessed with 4 generations at many dinners for several years.

Now, Belinda is grown, living 12 hours away in NC. Edythe, Elsie & Grams have gone home to be our guardian angels  in heaven.  Mom is in South Jersey but again life gets in the way.

Blessings come in a variety of ways as the song from Laura Story says…I am blessed.  I have a loving and supportive family.  I have a devoted husband.  I have a faith that at times is as small as a mustard seed but is enough to get me through the toughest days for I know that even the trials are blessings from God.  Count your blessings – even those that don’t seem like them.  I know that I do.
Happy Easter!


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