Hope Wissel

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is defined as “a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable or in control”  and most of the time, we are encouraged to “step out of our comfort zone”.

For me, I believed that my “comfort zone” was there because I lacked self-confidence.  I know for those that know me, this may surprise them!  On the outside, when I am talking about my passions (my family, my direct selling business, the causes that I believe in – HIV/AIDS education, bullying, Breast Cancer Awareness), I may be nervous on the inside but on the outside I exude confidence. Stepping out of my comfort zone includes – going some place (a meeting or event) where I don’t know anyone or talking in public to groups of people.  I have learned a few tricks from some wise women that have helped me to tackle this “stepping out of my comfort zone” thing. 

Here are just a few people who have helped me out:
Deb Bixler talks about the 10 second rule.  When you are out, ask questions of other people.  For example, I attend a lot of vendor events (as an exhibitor & a guest) so I always stop and talk to people.  It isn’t about “selling” my product, it is about building relationships with people.  Hence, you know longer “don’t know anyone”.  If you find yourself talking for longer than 10 seconds, the focus turns from learning about your “new” acquaintance to you.  I have met some amazing people who are now not only customers but other business women that I refer my customers to with confidence.  In addition, check out her Tuesday tidbit on “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone”

Julie Anne Jones, (my favorite trainer) as many of you know, shares lots of tips about getting business and customer service.  By focusing on the “customer”, their needs, solving their organizational problem, I am able to step out of my comfort zone.

Hope Shortt – Not only is she my director in my direct sales business, she is an amazing woman who inspires me (and lots of others) to make small steps in stepping out of our comfort zone. 

Lastly, but actually above all else, is my faith. Faith to believe when the going gets tough. 

What is your comfort zone?  Are you willing to step out of it so that you can achieve your dreams?  It doesn’t have to be a HUGE step, baby steps are fine.  Your dreams can become reality if you are willing to take that step of faith out of your comfort zone. 

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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