Hope Wissel

Girl Talk

No, we are not going to “dish” about friends or family… what I want to share about is another GREAT program that is attacking “bullying” in a unique way…..

Girl Talk is an international non-profit program with a very simple premise..high school girls mentor middle school girls to help them deal with the triumphs and trails of the early teenage years.  I first found out about this program at our National Conference last year when they were presented with a check to help with their efforts.  In February of this year, they became a National partner with Thirty One and part of the Thirty One Gives Foundation.  As a result, they received an additional $50,000 to help them in growing from their current 43 States with programs to all 50 States.  

Girl Talk’s mission is to help young teenage girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service. Since 2002, the organization has served more than 40,000 girls in 43 states and 7 countries. Girl Talk’s program is twofold: high school leaders have the opportunity to share their experiences as positive role models. And middle school girls have the chance to learn that they are not alone in the issue they face and that understanding, kindness and compassion can be the foundation for better relationships with others. Research consistently reveals that grades 5-8 are the most formative years of a young person’s life. We believe that the lessons learned in Girl Talk contribute to girls becoming more confident, service-minded women with better relationships. Girl Talk also helps women become stronger leaders in the work place and more effective as parents.  I found only one chapter in my immediate area of Girl Talk – Toms River East.  

Bullying comes in many forms – visible and invisible.  Those who are bullied are not just from low income or single parent households – they come from all walks of life, even adults in the workplace.  Your support of these programs is vital to the development of our future generations….   

Check out these anti-bullying programs: Girl Talk  ; Kickin’ It, and Ringside Resue.  You can hear all about Kickin’ It at the Family Wellness and Beauty Day hosted by Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms on April 13th.  Tickets are still available with all proceeds going to Kickin’ It.

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