Hope Wissel

Goal Setting

Struggling this morning on what to blog about but “goal setting” seemed to come up everywhere I turned so I figured – why not?

The Daily Thought from Direct Selling Association – Education Foundation was “Don’t let anything stop you from reaching for your goal.”  We set “goal weights” at Weight Watchers based on our height.  When I used to write grants for a non-profit, goals were an integral part of every program.  Most of us set goals on a daily or weekly basis as well in our personal life by making lists of things we want to accomplish.  I know that we don’t think of it that way but our “goal” is to complete the tasks, right?

I will fill you in on what my goal is through April 15th.  Your goals should contain these SMART components:
1.  Specific – So for me, I want to earn the Ready, Set, Sell Incentive from my direct sales company.

2.  Measurable – How do you plan to reach your goal?  Break it down into smaller mini-goals.  I am going to contact customers who have shown an interest in our customer special; I am going to update repeat customers on what products are retiring in case they want to place a last minute order

3.  Attainable – Is it even possible?  ABSOLUTELY!  My goal is attainable.  It will cause me to stretch out of my comfort zone but it is definitely achievable.

4.  Realistic – Even if you goal is attainable is it realistic based on the skills and techniques necessary to achieve the goal.  Yes, it is a realistic goal, and I do have the skills if I am willing to step out of my comfort zone.

5.  Timely – set a deadline.  Actually, my deadline is set by our Home Office in order to earn this amazing set of NEW Summer prints and products for FREE.

These basic steps can be applied to any goal you want to achieve.  Remember my goal of not having “jiggle thighs” but July 14th – that is still a SMART goal too.  

You can learn more about goal setting by checking out:   
Julie Anne Jones,  Wishbomb – The Goal Setting Site, and Weight Watchers .

How many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you tossed aside because they weren’t SMART goals?  As we get ready for Spring and Summer, set your SMART goals whether they be about weight loss, your professional life or your dream for the future.  Does it include going on a BIG vacation, earning a bonus, a better job or reaching your goal weight?  Whatever it is, don’t let anything or anyone get in your way.  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day. 

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