Hope Wissel

New Opportunities for Your Business

As I am getting ready for a busy weekend of vendor events, I found this article on Direct Selling Education Foundation website with some great tips…  Some of these seem so basic  and almost a “no brainer” but i was good to hear a different take on things….

1.  Talk to more people…You never know who may need your help or who knows someone who can use your products.  Of course, this means stepping out of your comfort zone which for some (including me) can be difficult some times.  

2.  Be more curious… ask questions?  This is where Dana Wilde’s 10-second rule is great! Ask the questions BUT you also have to LISTEN for the answers.  I do this a lot at vendor shows which gives me a chance to get to know people a little bit more.  Their questions can help me to  have something to talk about when I do the follow-up with them.  It also gets them to ask questions of you.  Relationship building in business is as important as the initial sale (at least to me).

3.  Show your passion.  This is really my “why” that I share at my parties.  People who meet me know that I LOVE the products that I sell.  They also know that I will not try to sell them something that they do not need or that will not work for them.  My passion in my business is also creating GREAT customer service.

4. Constantly ask for introductions.  This is a little bit broader than just a referral.  I do referrals with my business especially when I am looking for new recruits.  I am always looking to meet new people no matter where I am – who knows when they may remember you and need your help.

5.  Try new things… I must admit this is one that I struggle with but I am getting better.  There are so many things on my “bucket” list that I want to try – I need to stop finding a reason not to do them and just TRY them.  Trying new things doesn’t necessarily have to be business related, it could be taking a class, going to the gym (opps, did I say that) – just expose yourself to a new group of people – who knows where that will lead your business.

As I get older and stretching out of my comfort zone, I am getting better at many of these things. I LOVE sharing my products with others.  I am learning not to take it personal when they say “no” or “I don’t like the product/ prints”.  Isn’t that why there is vanilla and chocolate ice cream?

What new opportunities will you try to create more business for you?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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