Hope Wissel


I love this  passage:

Each day is an adventure for you to discover.
Face each day without fear or expectation. 
Experience to the fullest whatever comes your way. 
It is as God meant it to be.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about “facing your fear” especially in business.  I almost hate to admit that my biggest “fear” is probably the fear of success.  I am sure that sounds kind of strange to those who know me but it is the TRUTH!  

When I worked in the non-profit world, personally I measured success differently than others measured my success.  For me, success was – having a client get clean from drugs, a family moving into their own first home, kids attending school without being discipline problem or someone getting a job after being chronically unemployed.  These weren’t my personal successes but others gave me credit for it.  I may have helped by encouraging, mentoring and sometimes even providing tough love but that was nothing compared to their hard work.  

Personal success for me now is reaching goal weight.  I am sure everyone is tired of hearing me talk about this but it helps to keep me in check.  It seems that I “self-sabotage” things when I get close (within 10 pounds).  

Business success is helping other women to achieve their goals personally and professionally. The joy of watching them promote up the Career Path when they didn’t think it was possible is success for me.  

Success is achieving my vision – financial freedom so my hubby can retire, traveling to see the country without time frame constraints, as well as achieving and maintaining my goal weight.  I am learning to “not fear” things but to experience them for the things that happen are blessings from God. He opens the doors for me and I have to make the decision to go through them.  

Some days are harder than others but for TODAY – I am facing the FEAR!  What are your fears?  Write them down.  Know what they are so that when they creep up on you – you are ready to overcome them.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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