Hope Wissel

Repeat Sales are the Key to My Business Success

For many businesses, repeat sales are the difference between success and failure.  Building relationships or friendships are more important than the sale.  Treat your customers like you would treat your friends which helps to build trust in you with an end result being the desire to continue to give you business.

Here are some tips from Direct Sales Education Foundation:
  • Create opportunities for friends to buy, rather than having sales.  My company offers amazing monthly customer specials but sometimes these are not the items that my customers need at the moment.  If a customer doesn’t want the special, I offer it to other customers who may want or need the products on special.  Providing good customer service will encourage people to shop with you again and again.
  • Truly believe that your product/ service helps your friend.  Many people I meet at vendor shows and parties are curious about my “style” of selling.  As much as I believe  that I have an organizing solution for every customer, the reality is, the items may not be for everyone.  The products may not fit their vision for the space or area that they want to organize.  I want everyone to like their products and will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Always deliver excellence.  Our company has a return/ replacement policy for 90 days, if a problem occurs after that, it is important that I find a compromise to help the customer ensuring their happiness.  Follow-up customer care calls help to ensure that everyone is happy and using their product.  Honestly, follow-up phone calls are where I fall short in my business.  
  • Keep your promises.  I don’t make promises, I simply am honest with my customers.  If I don’t know the answer to a question, I tell them that and then seek the answer.  If I make a mistake, I admit it.  It is not easy sometimes but the truth is – honesty is the best policy.  Customers may be upset at the moment but in the end they will appreciate the fact that you were honest with them.
  • Focus on conversation, not a sales pitch.  This goes back to the 10-second rule promoted by Dana Wilde.  Provide solutions based on what you know about their lives – don’t try to sell them based on your needs or sales goals.
Repeat business is based on developing relationships with your customers.  How do you generate repeat business?  Please share your ideas below!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.  

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