Hope Wissel

Collections – Are they part of your party?

Many direct sales companies are in the midst of a catalog change and ours is one of them..  With this change comes changes in the way we do our parties as well as present our products.

I read an interesting article by Deb Bixler called “Show Presentation Tip: Focus on Collections” which has some great tips.  All direct sales companies have “collections”.  Items that are easily grouped together to solve a particular problem – organization, aging, etc.  First, do you know what your company collections are?  If so, when you present at a party do you talk about collections or individual products with the guests trying to guess what would work well together?

My company (not mine personally but the direct sales company that I am a Director for) has focused on collections for as long as I can remember.  A core product plus two which for us is usually a purse or tote with two accessory pieces.  These are our solution sets and the company has set up our catalog to highlight or market most of our products in one or more of these combinations to help our customers see the versatility of the products.  I keep this in mind when I am doing a party as well since it helps customers in making choices.  They usually just say “I want that collection”.  I also use the catalog to highlight the same collection and the different ways that it can be used.

Interesting tidbit – sales tend to increase with a collection because people can see themselves using all of the pieces.  People will buy down if they do not want something but if you talk about the middle or bottom of the line (instead of telling them why they need the top of the line) they will not buy up!  WOW! This was an eye opener for me.  Time to look at how I am presenting my collections, ensuring that I am highlighting the high end/ high demand products.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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