Hope Wissel

Overcoming Doubts

Advice from Direct Selling Education Foundation (yes, I do love their stuff) was about overcoming your doubts in business but why not apply the same principles to weight loss.  Being so close to goal (7.2 pounds), I have doubts.  Many would say doubts are fears and fear is a lack of faith.  GUILTY!  So, here are some ways for me to face my fears and get rid of any doubts.  

  1. Establish an advisory group.  My Thursday morning Weight Watcher’s meeting is THAT group lead by the wonderful Nicole.  They have been AMAZING during my ups an downs.  In my business, I have a Director, Hope Shortt  and a team (Beacon of Hope) who is beyond words when it comes to giving advice or support.  Both of these groups help me on a daily basis to gain a fresh perspective and boost my self-confidence.  Mind you the fresh perspective is easy, it is the boost in self-confidence that is a little tougher.
  2. Get a mentor.  A mentor provides more personalized guidance.  Both of mine were mentioned when I talked about the advisory groups.  See, they are also there to help on a one-to-one basis when things get tough.
  3. Step away and clear your head. Being a recovering addict, getting “into my head” and getting overwhelmed is what I do best!  So, I need to move away – move away from the tempting cookies or candy, get my butt up and take a short walk.  As far as my business, when I get stuck and  am focusing on what I need for a given month, I step back and change my perspective.  I look at the blessings that I have been given through my business and then focus on my customers and what they need.  
  4. Do more research.  For me, doing more research involved talking to a Wellness Coach, Jodi Greene Strumeier who helped tweak some of my eating habits.  As for my business, I began networking with successful business owners like those who are part of Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms.  I have learned about blogging, and tweeting (which I actually like to see updates better than Facebook).  The professional development that they offer is presented through a general business perspective instead of just for direct sales.  Don’t get me wrong, my direct sales company has amazing weekly training and my Director has launched “Super Star University” which are semesters filled with information that will help me (and all levels of her team) to grow our business.  Talking to others in business helps me to remember that my direct sales business is just like every other business with similar challenges.
  5. Calculate your risks and create a plan.   I love the first line of this section “Much of our doubt normally comes from our fear of failure”. Seems like a no brainer, right? I have goals – personal and team goals when it comes to the number of parties, the number of new recruits and the number of sales.  Sounds like a plan, right?  I haven’t planned for everything though – what happens when there are set backs (a bad month) or how do I keep from straying off the track – trying other things?  This is when the need for a comprehensive plan comes into play.  As far as my weight loss – the plan is simple track, move more and you will reach your goal, that is the Weight Watcher’s concept.
It is human nature to have doubts, some of us focus on the doubts more which leads to “negative nellie”.  I am working each day to overcome my doubts…I will reach goal by July 24th when I walk across the stage to get my hug from Cindy Monroe, CEO, as a new Director.  The plan is already starting to formulate on where I want to be next year at conference for my business.  As for my weight loss journey, once goal is hit – the tough work begins and that is to maintain my weight goal.  What are your doubts?  Write them down, confront them and move on!

Devotions, prayers and keeping a journal are all part of how I am going to overcome doubts.  Let’s hear how you are going to overcome yours.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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