Hope Wissel

Opportunity is Knocking…

For those of us in direct sales, we know that besides sales we need to recruit team members in order to grow our business and our team.  Having recently promoted to Director, you would think that I would know how to do this but sometimes the basics (book, sell, recruit) get lost in craziness of the day.  

Here are some ways to be on the lookout for opportunities and to keep yourself open to them:

  1. Focus not just on working harder, but working smarter.  Over the last few weeks, I have had to re-evaluate how I was spending my time (Facebook, emails, etc) instead of being productive.  I was busy but never seemed to have time for the things that would help me to grow my business.  If this is an area you struggle with, check out Balancing Without Sacrificing Business or Delete – Defer Delegate.
  2. Consider “no” as “not yet”.  This is a challenge for me.  I heard another DS leader say “use the “QTIP” method (Quit Taking It Personally) so I am practicing that along with many who are taking classes with me through my upline.  We have a 100 NO Challenge.  The goal is to get 100 no’s because when you do, you are actually then sharing the opportunity with others.  Who knows while getting the no’s, there will be a few yes or maybe sprinkled in along the way.
  3. Have a long term outlook for your business.  We all have goals (short and long term) for our business but have you ever made a business play?  Chances are if you are in DS and just starting on the leadership track, you haven’t, at least I know that I haven’t.  I am actually going to take a class on how to do a business plan so that I can build my DS business as a business and not as a hobby.
  4. Network and explore new social groups.  I have talked about networking before..This is actually the need to step out of your comfort zone which is terrifying for some (okay, some days I am in this group) but it is important to expand your circle and reach new potential customers and recruits.  It isn’t just about sharing the “business you”, it is about sharing “you – the person”.  You need to build relationships in order to build your business.  Think of the long term benefit and not the short term numbers (sales).
  5. Establish and maintain a great reputation.  For a long time, I compared myself to others in my DS company and tried to do things the way that they did – some things worked and some didn’t.  My main objective was to establish a good reputation for providing good customer service.  I want my customers whether at a party or online, to be happy with the products that they purchased and to be sure that the product that they are buying fits their vision for its use.  Okay, that may sound crazy but believe it or not, I have gotten business and referrals because of my “no obligation product experience”.  Having a good reputation has begun to open doors for me to exciting new opportunities.
Share your tips for being open to opportunity… Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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