Hope Wissel

Attracting More People

Over the weekend at a vendor event, I had time to watch how people interacted with potential customers and with other professionals.  As much as I used to say that I “hated’ to do public speaking – I LOVE networking and meeting people at vendor events.  I was blessed with TWO compliments from other direct sales consultants who “connected” with me because they liked the way that I interacted with people.  WOW!  I was a little surprised because I never really thought about it then I came across this article – Six Easy Ways to Attract More People.

Here are the tips:
  • Engage everyone with a friendly greeting.  I usually greet everyone who hesitates at my table and then askthem if they are familiar with our products.  We usually talk about the weather, the event or something that caught their eye on my table
  • Focus on the individual.  I always have a giveaway at my table so while they are filling out the form, we get to chat a little bit more about THEM.  Kids, work, compliment them on something they are wearing, etc. 
  • Avoid arguments.  This seems like a no brainer to me.  Stay away from topics that will cause controversy.  If they have had a negative experience with our product or a consultant – I apologize and then leave it open if they want to purse any further discussion.
  • Assume everyone is good.  Always be positive.  People tend to say that I can be “too perky” which is something that I never considered myself.  I just believe that positive feelings will be contagious and if the person is having a bad day, maybe my positive attitude will help them.
  • Be helpful.  I have helped out customers by offering a discount on a product or logging their favorite or wish list item – then calling them when I can offer a discount.  Small random acts of kindness are appreciated and remembered.  
  • Get involved.  I LOVE to support causes that are dear to my heart – HIV/AIDS, Anti-bullying (my newest addition) and Cancer awareness.  Not only will I be a vendor at events but I donate product and offer discounts when possible.  My newest “get involved” stand is to volunteer my time and skills to local programs.
Although at times, I worry about what other professionals think or compare myself to other DS consultants, I have found that if I stick to “being ME” and follow these tips –  people will see the true me and want to do business with me.  If a customer sees me on the street, they get the same “perky” person that they met at a vendor event or a party.  It is all about relationship building as a wise person told me – customers like to buy from someone they trust and know.

Do you have any other tips on attracting people to you? Post them, share them with others.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day. 

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