Hope Wissel

Benefits vs. Features

When I started in direct sales over 2 years ago, my why was to get a discount on bags, totes and accessories that I was already spending money on.  It was the GREAT features of the products that I shared with potential recruits and customers.  Business was okay – more like a hobby instead of a business.  When I shared the uses or how it helped people, my sales changed but I never understand the reason.  

Features are the facts about the product/ company – prints, designs, commission you could earn, the discounts, etc.  Although this appealed to some people, it didn’t really create a reason for people to buy the product or join my team.  Then I would resort to “selling” the product but I really didn’t want to be a “sales person”, I wanted to share why I loved the product and the company with people….

Then I read an article by Dana Wilde entitled “Home Party Selling Technique Focuses on Benefits!” and a light bulb went off.  Okay, so I can be a little slow sometimes.  As a Social Worker FACTS sold or were the reason that people utilized services offered by our agency so talking about benefits was a new concept for me. Or so I thought.  Now, when I talk to potential recruits and customers I talk about the benefits.  It is more about the person you are talking with and how my product can help them.  Not sure how to figure out the difference – check out this link for a worksheet to help you with the process.  Everything I read is about building strong relationships with people.

Once you finish the worksheet, you can turn your benefits into an emotional story that sells your product.  Studies show that people shop and buy emotionally so create statements that highlight the emotional benefits of your products.  Sprinkle them through your presentation or party, see the difference it makes in your sales.  Watch the light bulbs go off as people begin to connect with your product.  Let the passion for your DS company and the benefits of the products shine through all the time.  Would you buy a tote with 7 outside pockets?  Or…”Our Organizing Utility Tote has helped many people including business women, kids and moms get organized.  The 7 outside pockets have a place for everything that you may need access to quickly – water bottles, keys, phone, etc.  The wipe down material makes it perfect for the mom on the go when something spills on the inside.  It is big enough to carry your lunch, files for work, groceries for a quick trip to the store, workout clothes and more…”

Look forward to hearing some stories of how your business was transformed using this tip.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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