Hope Wissel

Summer – Busy or Not?

The school year is quickly coming to an end.  The hazy, lazy days of summer are about to kick in.  Do you have a plan for your business?

Last summer, my business DIED!  I am sure there were people who wanted to have parties, even those who wanted to shop.  I had solutions for their organizational problems during the busy summer months.  So, why did my business DIE?  I didn’t prepare for the summer, I was taking a summer vacation from business even though I didn’t have any school age kids.  WOW!  Did that make for a tough start to the Fall even with new prints and products.    I found a million reasons for NOT working my business but this year will be different.  I began looking for my June parties in April and continue to ask people about booking parties for the balance of the summer.  What mom wouldn’t want a “Girl’s Night Out” during the hectic summer months?  

Here are some tips from Sales Moms Network for those who have children:

  1. Plan now for your kid’s summer schedule.  
  2. Have a Summer Fun meeting with your family and create a list of things to do.
  3. Get your kids organized.
  4. Have a Plan B with sitters, etc that can help if Plan A falls through
  5. Keep your sanity throughout the summer by WORKING YOUR BUSINESS.  That may mean attending training, networking sessions, etc.
  6. Be ready to do business while you are on the move.  Keep a mobile office in your car ready to book, sell & recruit.  
For those of you who don’t have children or they are grown, these tips can still work:
  1. Plan your summer vacation or weekend getaway.  Have something to look forward to while working your business.
  2. Talk with family & friends to create a list of things you want to do this summer.  Planning & scheduling will help you to still enjoy the summer while working your business.
  3. Get organized.  
  4. Have a Plan B. If a party or event falls through, be ready with a backup idea to keep the business momentum going.  
  5. Continue to work your business like a business.  If you want a seasonal business, GREAT but most of us would prefer to have year round customers, parties and income. 
  6. Be ready no matter where you are to book, sell, recruit.  Use your products.  Share tips with potential customers on how you can make their life easier with your products.  Always carry a mini catalog or information with you (whether on the beach or shopping) and make sure that you get THEIR contact information even if it is just their email address.
It is not too late to get ready for the lazy days of summer.  Look for vendor events to expand your customer base – there are lots of festivals, etc in the summer.  Call customers & past hostesses – encourage them to book by offering an extra free gift.  The possibilities are endless.  I am determined that I will meet my goals during the summer, will you?

Blow off the summer haze and get busy.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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