Hope Wissel

Recipe for Life

The last two weeks have been a struggle.  My emotions have been on a roller coaster as we dealt with hubby’s cardiomyopathy.  First the 10 day hospital stay, now the countless doctor visits with a goal of going back to work about 6/20th – all of which have left me drained.  I am by no means complaining, although the last few days have found me on the “pity pot”.  
During a training call the other night – yes, I participate in a weekly training call for personal development focused on my business – I was reminded about the importance of changing our mindset.  Not only does this apply to business but also in our everyday lives, especially during those woe is me days.  Then while doing my morning devotions, I read something from Proverbs 31 that again talked about changing your mindset.  
When I was in rehab, I remember a saying that goes something like this: If one person calls you a duck – you can toss it aside, if two people call you a duck – it deserves some consideration but if three people call you a duck – you MUST be a duck!”  I am not waiting for the third person because I know that I need to change my mindset and get off the pity pot!
So starting this morning, this duck is changing her mindset.  Do you need to change your mindset?  Here are a few questions that you can answer that might help:
  1. Identify the what happened to cause the change
  2. Why did it happen
  3. How can I use this for my personal growth
  4. What changes can I make to improve in the future
  5. Where can I find help or who can help     

This is a “recipe for life” that was part of the devotions that I was reading.  Maybe this will help you in changing your mindset or counting your blessings: 
Begin with a case of Joy
Add a heaping spoonful of Gratitude
Fold in a large dollop of Kindness
Stir in a handful of Forgiveness
Sprinkle liberally with Love and cover with Peace
Always serve with a large side of Faith
(Author unknown)

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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