Hope Wissel

Habits – Good or Bad?

Habits, personal or business, can be positive or negative.  They can be things that we want to quit like smoking or eating too much.  In business, especially in direct sales, if we don’t have good habits – follow-up, goals, etc. we can have a business that is more like a hobby.  Psychologists say that it takes 21-days of a repeated action to create a habit. I can agree with that on two counts – blogging has now become a habit after over 2 months of daily posts and counting points for everything that I eat (via Weight Watchers after YEARS).

As the new year begins (with my direct selling company), I am looking to create new habits that will help me build a successful business.  I found some tips on Direct Selling News that I wanted to share:

  • Set goals – I have been working on this ALOT lately – short, moderate and long term goals.  Short term are within the next month, moderate or medium goals are within the next 6 months and long term in the next year or so.  I have set them but if I don’t put steps in place to take action – are they goals or wishes?
  • Define success.  Most in direct sales call this their “WHY” but was is the emotional aspect of your why?  How will you feel when you reach that goal?  This is a hard one for me and I struggle with a definition of success.  Guess I never really BELIEVE that I will be successful so it is hard for me to imagine what it will feel like when it happens.
  • Prioritize.  Another tough one for me.  I always have a list of things that I want to do on my planner and I mark them as complete which should give me satisfaction, right?  The truth is are they busy work or are they work that will grow my business?  EEK!  
  • Organize.  I always thought that I was organized but since I have gone to full-time with my direct sales company – I am beginning to have my doubts.  I know where everything is and can quickly put my hands on it if someone were to call BUT my messy desk creates a sense (in my head) that I am not being productive.  I hope that makes sense!  LOL.
  • Personalize.  This is one thing I LOVE to do as long as it doesn’t involve picking up the phone.  I love building relationships with my customers and hostesses, customizing things to fit their needs and helping them find the best solution to their organizational dilemma.
  • Identify the bad habits.  Okay, we all have them.  Mine would be procrastinating when it is time to call customers for follow-up or potential party hosts.  FACEBOOK!  I am learning, slowly, that this is a time waster for me.  I don’t want you to think that I am a hot mess – orders, parties all take priority with me but the truth is lead follow-up for me is a struggle.  I need a system that works for me.  I have tried several but can’t seem to find one that sticks.  I would LOVE your input on what systems work for you in following up?
  • Change one thing at a time.  Okay, so I am usually an all or nothing kind of girl.  Change EVERYTHING and then nothing becomes a habit.  So I need to focus – tracking with Weight Watchers is a habit that has just become a part of my life, now for business – follow-up on leads need to be the same kind of habit.  I am telling EVERYONE this is where I need accountability – follow-up with leads is my NEW change.

What bad habits do you need to break and replace with good habits?  What habit do you have that contributes to your success in business – PLEASE SHARE!  

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day. 

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