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Home Parties – Fun or Grueling?

Yes, this is a strange title for a blog especially when I am in the “Party Plan” business.  When I first started in direct sales, I was one of those who was looking for a fun, easy way to make some money and get free products – definitely a hobby.  As I recruited my first girls – actually, I think they recruited me since I wan’t even sure what to do with a recruit – I dabbled in home parties.  I was a vendor event girl – show my product and go home.  Sales were okay but definitely not consistent.  I even did an open house at my home which helped to increase my sales but still no parties at someone else’s home.

I will never forget my FIRST actual home party.  I was a nervous wreck.  Lots of women looking at ME while they waited for me to enlighten them about how AMAZING our products were and why they should buy them.  I struggled through the presentation part by playing a game or two and then letting everyone play with our products.  It was then that I went on the HUNT to find a party “script” that would work for me. I found scripts that I wanted to try but now the problem was finding people who wanted to have a party.  Thus began my next quest to BOOK PARTIES.

Over the next year or so, I would try many things to get people to book parties.  Now, I average about 2 – 4 per month with my individual guest sales and attendance increasing which helps my party numbers go up.  I still stumble on the words when asking someone to book a party.  Then I heard and read an article by JulieAnne Jones called “Stop Asking and Start Offering“.  I heard this same thing during many 31 minute calls but JulieAnne gave me the script.  WOOT! WOOT!

Typically, we ask the question “Would you like to book a party?”.    We ASK EVERYONE – someone is bound to say yes, right?  This is all about us as the consultant – we are pretty much begging them to help us get sales.  Okay, so that may be a bit dramatic but you get the picture. So, let’s change the wording so that we focus on the guest or the person we are talking to so that they feel special.  Here are two samples that may help with this change in mindset:

  • Marilyn, I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation earlier tonight and how completely busy you said you’ve been. I think you need a break, and I’d be absolutely honored if you would let me be the one to set it up for you. Let’s figure out when we can find a time to get you and your friends together.”
  • “Karen, look at your wish list! You love my products. I don’t want you to have to pay for all of these. Tell you what, let’s set up a party so you can get a ton of these for free. Do you prefer a weeknight or a weekend?”

Create your own by using this outline:

  1. Start out with some sort of acknowledgement.  Let them know that you noticed them during the party even if they didn’t say much.
  2. Look for a way to be of service to them.  This can be as simple as listening to them during check-out talk about their limited budget or how tired they are.  You want to help them.
  3. End with an open ended question that requires more than a yes or no answer.  This will encourage more of a conversation.
Yes, your personal checkouts might take a little longer but wouldn’t it be GREAT to book parties at the PARTY so you didn’t have to pick up the 500-pound phone?  You can also use this same technique in recruiting which is a definite blog in the future.

Here is to booking more parties AT the PARTY!  I am going to practice this so that I can use it during my upcoming parties this month.  I will let you know how it goes.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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