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Promoting Your Business

I am sure that many of us BELIEVE that we know how to promote our business – pass out business cards, talk to as many people as possible and the list goes on.  But if you were to look at how much business you got for the amount of time, energy and money you expended, would it be worth it?  Don’t get me wrong, the law of averages says that you will get an occasional yes when you contact that many people.  I mean all of the party plan companies tell us to contact or connect with as many people as possible right?

With all of that energy put into being creative and reaching new customers, are you forgetting about the wonderful resource that you have in your current customer base. I have shared many times that follow-up is one of my greatest weaknesses in my business which I am working hard to overcome.  I have a plan in place to begin on Monday contacting past customers to just check in.  No ulterior motive other than to see how they are doing.  

I learned a valuable lesson at my party the other night – a past hostess was in attendance.  When I began to share about the benefits of being a hostess – she shared how WONDERFUL it was for her to be a hostess with me. No hassle since I did the invitations.  I kept posing on her Facebook event to encourage orders and attendance.  I bagged and tagged the orders, delivering them to the hostess to make it easy for her.  I was humbled by her kind words.  This was an unsolicited compliment from a past hostess who is also a current customer AND who works for another direct sales company.  Mind you that when we first met, she said that she didn’t do home parties – too much hassle.  Then as the party went on my current customers began to share all of the pluses about the bags that they had to the 3 people in the room who had never seen one of our products. 

Here are some tips from Direct Sales Education Foundation on the subject:

  • Create excellent products/ services your customers need.  As direct sellers, we have a passion for our products but realistically all of our products are not perfect for every customer.  Make sure that the product that you are selling your customers fits their needs. Don’t force a fit!
  • Give clients what they want so they get excited about sharing their experience with others.  LISTEN to what your customers are saying that they need or want.  I have begun doing “personal product experiences” for those individuals who don’t want a party but would love to see our products.  I usually talk to the customer to get an idea of what they are looking for, then I pack up a bag with products that MIGHT meet their needs.  They get to play – no obligation to buy. This has helped many customers who THOUGHT they wanted something but in reality it would not meet their needs.  Yes, I have gotten sales AND repeat customers.  
  • Seek out a loyal customer with a good story to tell who is eager to share it her network of friends.  This is what I am doing to start working on.  My hostess sharing her story of how easy it was to host a party was the perfect lead into seeing if others wanted to book a party.  I actually walked out with 2 tentative dates for the Fall.  
  • Look for genuine stories that customers want to share; do not pay for testimonials. This to me is a no-brainer.  Most of us in direct sales would never do this but there are some that might consider it to increase their sales.  It isn’t necessary if you are doing all of the right things to satisfy your client’s needs.
If you are currently using your customer base to generate more sales and promote your business or product – AWESOME! If you aren’t, start with customer care calls to those who have already purchased product and work from there.  

What creative ways are your promoting your business?  Do you have any tips that will help others in growing their business?  I would love to have you share your thoughts and ideas.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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