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Don’t Just Sponsor, HIRE!

In direct sales, we are taught that to grow in leadership we need to recruit new members to our team.  As I have shared in the past, I originally FELL into leadership.  Sometimes I think it was easier when I didn’t know what I was doing except sharing the gift that was given to me.  The more I know, the harder it seems to be for me.

Over the last week, I have seen blogs, Facebook training postings and taken a class with Shining Stars University all focusing on this topic.  Do you think someone is trying to tell me something?  See if any of this sounds like you:

Can you spot a recruit?  Are you actively LOOKING for someone who would be great for your direct sales opportunity?  Maybe you are missing the ones that are right under your nose?  Here are some cues that came from “My Direct Selling” blog – Do you know someone who: has purchased product from you, wants to work from home, needs some extra money, wants to make a change in her life, has great self confidence, takes over at the parties you are hosting to help everyone?  Have you offered her the opportunity or have you missed those cues?  As I look back on some of my parties, I can almost guarantee that I have missed those cues and more.  I was busy answering questions and helping customers to pick out products forgetting to observe what was happening in the rest of the room.

Here are the FOUR top reasons that we may not be sharing with others:  
  1. Fear of rejection.  GET OVER IT!  I know, easier said then done, for me at least.  The word “NO” is nothing personal and may only mean at this time.  Planting a seed may bear a flower (or a new recruit) later on.
  2. Fear of being pushy.  In this case, we are probably thinking of ourselves and not about the potential recruit. It may be we are just imposing our past negative situations on this potential recruiting opportunity.  Share your fear with the potential recruit – let her know that you are human.   Let her know that you don’t want to be pushy but you noticed that she would be great at this.  Be honest and forthright, your prospect will respect you.  In most cases, they will listen to you as well.
  3. Not ready for leadership.  I know I wasn’t.  I had no clue on how to lead a team.  It just happened.  The truth is that the best way to increase your income is to grow a team.  Work smarter not harder.
  4. Don’t want to step out of our comfort zone. WOW!  This is always a big one for me.  I am growing and stepping out more but in this area, it is still a problem.  
Just like any other business, we need to OFFER the business opportunity (job) to everyone as if there is lots of openings that need to be filled.  Some will jump on board while others may hesitate and still others will outright refuse.  In direct sales, we can’t hang a help wanted sign on the door and wait for people to walk in.  We need to watch for those cues at parties or when we are talking to people so that we can OFFER them the opportunity.

Are you ready to offer the opportunity?  Are you willing to share the gift that was given to you with others so they can change their lives too?  I would love to hear from others about your ideas on recruiting…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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