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Customers For Life

This week’s theme is all about increasing your sales.  How many of you have had one-time buyers?  You know the ones who buy at a vendor event or a party then never buy again?  Maybe they were just helping out a friend?  Maybe they were impulse shopping?  Maybe they didn’t like the product once they got it? Whatever the reason, you have never heard from them again.  For me, that is probably because I haven’t been very good with customer care calls but maybe you have been so you are wondering why you don’t have a customer for life.

In an article in Inc magazine there were some tips on how to change these one time customers into customers for life.  Interestingly enough, the article made one KEY statement regarding changing one time customers into loyal ones – SURPRISE THEM!  Here is how you can do that:

  • Beat your customers to the punch.  The best way to do this is with customer care calls.  Now, I don’t mean those calls that are ASKING THEM to do something for YOU.  I mean, a call that simply says “thank you for you order and how do you like the product that you purchased “.  This means changing the mindset that we have so that we can break through to our customers.  When was the last time that you got a thank you call just for ordering. If there was a delay in their order, apologize and offer then something with their next order.  
  • Make shopping easy.  As a direct seller, we have company websites – some are easy to navigate while others take some figuring out.  I have been fortunate to have customers call or email me when they had a problem with the website, this isn’t always the case.  If someone placed a large order via the internet that might reap them additional rewards, would you call them and offer them the discounts?  Why not?  Who doesn’t like something for free or at a discount when they are placing a large order.
  • Resolve issues without a fight.  I happen to work for an AMAZING company that has a “no questions asked” policy in the first 90 days as long as things aren’t personalized.  If you are making those customer calls, you can resolve any issue before it escalates and you have a disgruntled customer.   If it is past the cut-off or the item is personalized, I try to find a solution that will work for both the customer and myself.    
These may seem like basics but we all need a reminder once in awhile on how to take care of our customers so that we can build our business.  A happy customer is a repeat customer.  So surprise your customers – call them to say thank you, call them to make sure that they are happy with their product BEFORE the warranty expires, or just call them to wish them a happy birthday, happy anniversary (anything that you remember from the party that you can congratulate them on).  

Off to make those customer care calls because I am looking for loyal repeat customers!  How about you?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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