Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

Easy Sale – Fact or Fiction?

We have all had customers where EVERYTHING we sell will work for them.  Then there are those times when sales are not easy.  You know, the Negative Nellie customer who thinks that nothing you have is right for her but she will still look.  Curiosity will get them every time.  As Julie Anne Jones says, as long as there is a small interest – you have a chance for a sale, a party or a recruit.

As I wind up the week talking about sales and customers, I found the “Profile of an Easy Sale” in the Direct Selling Education Foundation.  They identify 4 basic steps which are now becoming my way of doing business.

  1. Identify the right product for the right client.  If you have defined your target market then make sure you have products that solve their problems.  Since my target market is all women who are looking for organization solutions, I make sure that I highlight things that will help to make their life easier and less of a hot mess.  I have even begun doing “product experiences” for those customers who want to see my product but do not want to host a party.  This is a private showing based on what they have told me they are looking for or the solution they need to a problem.
  2. Develop and cultivate relationships.  This is key to all direct selling businesses.  Once you have a relationship, whatever the basis is, your sales pitch now becomes a solution to their problem instead of hard sell. Customers buy from people they trust and as a result this will generate more referrals as well as reorders.
  3. Once you have a relationship with your prospect, find out what their likes and dislikes are.  Practice the 10-second rule from Deb Bixler.  Ask an open ended question and then LISTEN!  Whether it is at a home party or a product experience, I find out what problem my customer is looking to solve then make a suggestion of a product.  Ask questions about other solutions they have tried and you will quickly learn what they like and dislike.
  4. Finally, make the sales process quick, simple and easy.  The easier the better.  I usually tell my customers picking the product solution is the easy part, the tougher decisions come when you have to decide print and personalization options.  I make it as “painless” as possible so that they are not overwhelmed.  
What is your current approach to selling?  Are you a hard seller – sure that your product is the only one for EVERY customer?  Or, are you about building relationships while sharing your business with potential customers?  We all have different styles, talents and gifts – if your current approach isn’t reaping the benefits that you want, maybe it is time to change.  Please feel free to share your thoughts?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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