Hope Wissel

Organized Diva or Hot Mess?

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a business plan where the FIRST question that they asked is “What are you selling?”.  For those of us in direct sales, that seems like a no-brainer, right?  We give the pat answer of what our company sells and if people have heard of the company, they have an already pre-conceived notion about your products. 

What if you were to change that up slightly?  Here is my answer to that same question:

I CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE & REWARD hard-working women with simple solutions to life’s organizational challenges while offering them an opportunity to reach for their dreams personally or financially.

Now, I have changed the perception from “just purses” to something that may be a little bit more appealing to everyone.  
So, in an effort to provide simple solutions – here is my first “organizational tip” – 10 minutes a day to DE-CLUTTER.
I know you are wondering what 10 minutes a day can do, right?  Pick a spot that needs to be organized – a drawer, a closet, a corner of the room – I will talk about the desk in your office tomorrow.  Clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen – it is amazing how completing one small project can give you a sense of accomplishment AND feeling of knowing where things are when you need them.  You can read more about the Declutter Challenge on The Peacefulmom.com.  She writes about saving money, getting organized and enjoying life.  
 What about the linen closet?  I know, the door is closed and no one sees it, right?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open the door and find ANYTHING you wanted?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice if the kids or hubby opened the doors and didn’t yell for you because THEY couldn’t find something?  
What is your vision of organized in your home?  Let me help you with that vision so that you are not a HOT MESS but the envy of friends and family who want to be organized – like you!
I would love to have you share YOUR organizational tips.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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