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Is it Hot, Warm, Cold Office?

No, I am not talking about the temperature ladies. I am talking about organizing your desk and office.  As you all know, I am HUGE fan of JulieAnn Jones from her party tips to how to get into the ZONE in your office.

I mean who wouldn’t want an office like this:

I still aspire to have my office looking like this but it is getting there.  One of things that JulieAnn suggests is to take EVERYTHING out of your office and slowly put it back in based on the zones.  As for me, I have done sections but not everything. 

Here are some great tips from Julie Ann on how to “Get Organized and Take Back Your Life”:

  • Hot Zone items are the items used on at least a weekly basis.  Make a list of the items you know will reside in your hot zone.  These things should be in arm’s reach.  Let’s be realistic and HONEST!  Are we a desk hoarder or do we really need everything that is in arm’s reach?  I mean if you aren’t posting your expenses weekly, do you really need a box on your desk to remind you that it needs to be done?  
  • Warm Zone items are used less frequently.  These are often reference items that you need on a consistent basis but not always on a daily or weekly basis.  Place them on a shelf where you can see them if you need them but they are cluttering up your desk or hot zone.
  • Cold Zone items are things you never reference but need to have access to for a period of time.  These are basically those archived items and should be moved OUT of the office and stored someplace (like the garage or basement). 
The easiest place for me to start was with the cold zone – moving out those things that I don’t use or need.  WOW!  It is amazing how much room you have when you move those boxes that are stacked in the corner or clean out those files.  Maybe you don’t need more filing cabinets, you just need to clean out the ones that you have.  What is the old saying – if you haven’t used it in 6 months or more, toss it or store it? 

Maybe you won’t get your dream office today BUT what you could have is a clear desk so that you can work without constantly moving papers or things that you don’t need.  Love some of the organizational ideas in the pictures – let’s do a “product experience”.  I bring the products and we TRY them in your office or work space.  Let’s see if I can help you with your vision for your office.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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