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It is July.  It is HOT!  Many have just finished a LONG weekend of partying, fireworks, parades and  NO WORK.  Are you already looking forward to the weekend – trying to skip over the rest of the week?   I don’t know about you but I am struggling this week to get back into the routine of doing business and my weight loss program.  I have two parties this week but the rest of the summer is moving slow – what about you?  If you are booked, AWESOME!  If you are struggling, here are some ideas from Direct Sales Education Foundation:

  • Be a cheerleader and friendly toward everyone.  No, you don’t have to carry pompoms around but act like you are.  Look for ways to bring a smile to someone you know or even a stranger.  A simple compliment about something they are wearing, or product they are using – can bring a smile.  If they aren’t local, post a compliment on Facebook for all of the world to see.
  • Talk to yourself in a positive way.  Focus on the positive – not the negative.  Yes, it is HOT but think of the people you may catch at home via phone.  Make those calls.  Cheer yourself on instead of finding reasons NOT to put your action plan into ACTION.  Protect your weight loss – yes, you ate and drank WAY too much but each day gives you a chance to start fresh.
  • Play your favorite music and start a dance party for one.  So this may sound a little crazy but get the blood flowing to your brain.  Reduce the stress and change the Negative Nelly perspective.  It is great exercise that you can do inside in the AC which is an added plus!
  • Sing out loud to your favorite song.  I may sing a little off key BUT I do love to sing. Usually in the car when I am by myself, I don’t want to scare anyone away with my singing.  I always feel better when I do this and it has a positive effect on your brain – SING OUT LOUISE!
  • Get a partner and work together.  This hasn’t been a great motivator for me but I am sure it works well for others.  I have LOTS of Weight Watcher buddies that faithfully go to the gym TOGETHER, I just can’t seem to get it together.  I tend to spend more time encouraging others than working on my own stuff as far as phone calls, etc.  Try it – it might be just the ticket to get you motivated.
  • Make a list of what you are grateful for.  This is the ONE thing that gets me motivated ALL OF THE TIME.    Whenever I am feeling a little blue, or think I am not accomplishing anything – I make a gratitude list.  I started doing this when I was early in my recovery to keep me grounded and focused on staying clean, without relapsing.

What is your “GET MOTIVATED” activity?  Share it with us.  Don’t wish away the week and then regret that you didn’t accomplish anything.  GET MOTIVATED!  Please share your best motivation tips with us.

walk around the block   Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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