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How To Get Organized In a Week

Once you have stopped laughing at the title of today’s blog, let’s see if WE are able to do it.  I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical about the whole thing.  I mean, I can get organized but the trick for me is to stay organized with systems in place to manage my business – SMART!

The Direct Selling Education Foundation gave these tips to put your life in order:

Day 1:  Get a handle on the daily flow of paperwork.  Okay, so this seems basic enough.  I was taught a long time ago that you should only touch a piece of paper on your desk ONCE!  You didn’t know that I did comedy, right?  Basically, you make a decision when you open a piece of mail – file it or toss it.  It is so much easier to deal with it when it comes in the door instead of when it has spend a week (or more) on your desk.  I could make it through Day 1.

Days 2: Label everything.  I don’t mean go “Sheldon” (you know the Big Bang Theory) but is will make things easier to find when folders and containers are labeled.  Day 2 could be a bit more challenging but I do have most things labeled in my office.

Day 3: Sort your emails.  Using the same concept as snail mail from Day 1, file or toss emails.  I actually have a multitude of files set up in my Inbox so that I can file emails that I may need later by subject or whom they are from.  It is AMAZING how easy it is to find something when you file it in a category or in several categories that will help you look for it later on.  Using Gmail has helped me tremendously because I can tag an email into several files instead of just one.

Day 4:  Create a correspondence window.   Making it to Day 4 almost seemed like a piece of cake now it comes to followup.  UGH!  Basically, they are suggesting that you set aside a certain time each day to devote solely to email and return phone calls.  Emails – no problem.  Phone calls are another thing.  I have gotten better but this is still a daily struggle for me.

Day 5: Keep your eye on the prize.  Okay, if you have made it this far – that is AWESOME!  Now, write down at either the start of your day or the end of the day for the next day THREE tasks that must be completed that day.  You can always add more but focus on accomplishing those 3 FIRST.  This will help you to stay on track.

Organization requires patience and self-discipline, two qualities that you most likely have especially if you are in the direct sales/ party plan business.  How do you stay organized?  What systems do you recommend?  Please share your tips and comments.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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