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Be Confident

be confident

This is definitely what I needed to hear this AM.  As I struggled for what to blog about, I reflected on the last week and its challenges.  I had a choice – it was time to make a decision and take action.

In direct selling, I have always heard that months that start with a “J” are challenging.  Well, I blew that theory in January and June with record sales but July was kicking my butt.  I started off the month with a fair about of bookings that should have gotten me through till National Conference feeling like I had accomplished at least my minimum goals.  WRONG!  My last party in June was supposed to kick off July – the customers wanted the June special since the hostess gave them the option.  UGH!  Now, I was down to 2 parties and 2 vendor events.  My first official party of the month, went from a home party to a catalog party & it is still open so I am optimistic.  I had a vendor event (typically high sales) cancel.  The one party I had is no where near my party average.  It was a combined bridal shower and Thirty One party.   Alright, so right now I am sounding ungrateful, right?  Not ungrateful, just getting a little shaky in the confidence area.

The above picture pops up on my Facebook news feed.  Time to look at the positive and accept my weaknesses along with my strengths.  The biggest positive was that at the Bridal Shower, I actually met a potential recruit.  She booked a party and is even considering it to be her launch party.  I have found that one of my greatest weaknesses is that I don’t take charge at a party.  I know that probably sounds a little bossy, right?  I don’t mean it that way, it is just that I defer to the group instead of sticking to the plan.  That is the people pleaser in me still wanting everyone to like me thinking that will help my business.  It is finding that happy medium between a girl’s night out and showcasing my products.  My greatest strength is hostess coaching, networking with the guests BEFORE the party starts and my one on one personal checkouts.  It is during these times that I am able to connect with future hostesses and recruits.  So what is the problem, right?  Not letting “negative nellie” take over when I have a setback.

The best laid plans don’t always work but I am not going to let that sabotage my business.  Time to kick it into gear, be confident and set up August to be a solid month.  Challenges will come in any business, it is how we deal with them that makes the difference in the end.  Although, I don’t consider myself a failure, any article  Direct Sales Education Foundation gave me some ideas for overcoming my challenges – check it out.

How do you handle challenges or set-backs in your business?  What are your best tips for staying positive and confident?   Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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