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Does Your Product Have Multiple Uses?

Happy Friday!  As I get ready for the weekend and start packing for our National Conference in HOTLANTA next week, I started thinking about the many uses of our products.  For those of you in direct sales, I am sure you have many features and benefits of your products but do you really just want to run down a list for your potential customers.  UGH!  Boring!

Here are some ideas on how to make your product seem more desirable:

Get people talking.  My customers are actually the ones who give me incredible ideas on different ways to use our products.  Then I just start posting them through social media.  I share videos too from our Home Office to create a buzz.  Pictures like this on my VIP Facebook group have definitely created some interest and have my customers talking.  They start to see products in a different way – I mean who wouldn’t want this Easy Breezy Tote and About Town blanket, right?


Skip the long features list.  BORING!  Listen to what your potential customer is telling you about her life and then highlight the products and features that will be of interest to her. Sharing information that is relevant to your potential customer is the key.

happy feetFeb_Online_Bundle_1_300

The same product with 2 different features – organizing your closet or your office.

Highlight ease of use.  The easier and more practical a product is to use, the more valuable it will be in the eyes of the customer.  For example, they like our large utility tote, let’s see the options that show its versatility:

traveling with LUT after closet1011169_10151665723917908_1610625774_n

Here are just 3 ways to use our large utility tote.

Offer a test drive.  Potential customers love to try it before they buy it.  I find this especially true if a customer is looking for a product to do a specific task.  I offer a PRODUCT EXPERIENCE.  This is NOT a party but a one-on-one with the customer to try out their vision.  How many times have you bought something because you envisioned it doing XYZ in a closet, on a wall,etc. only to find out that it doesn’t fit or it isn’t what you envisioned?  Why go through all of that trouble?  Do a test drive… if it doesn’t work, there is nothing lost but about an hour of your time.  It is does, GREAT!

What are your best tips for making your products desirable to your customers?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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