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Your Why?

Happy Monday Morning! I know I am probably a little too perky for some but this is a BIG week for me.  I am headed to HOTLANTA on Wednesday for Thirty One‘s National Conference AND I get to see Belinda.  She is coming in from North Carolina to spend a few days with me at conference.  To say the least, I am giddy with excitement.

dreams do come true

As I pack for HOTLANTA, I am reminded about the start of my journey and how I NEVER thought I would be in direct sales.  While traveling this week, I will have an opportunity to share with many women, some of who are Thirty One consultants while others are just curious about all of these crazy WooHoo ladies in pink.  My why has changed so much over the last 2  1/2 years.  In the beginning, it was a passing thought I might make some money – another hobby that could turn into a business.  Now, it is different – it is about financial me and my family, it is gaining a self-confidence lost so many years ago, and the ability to help others achieve their goals.

If you are in direct sales, I know that you have been asked this many times – “What is your Why?”  We all have the same answer – pay bills, girl time, a night out, etc. What ever your “why” answer is, have you found your emotional “why”?  You know the one that gets you going every day or the one that keeps you working your DS business even when things don’t look so good?  For me, the emotional why has always been a struggle for me.  I need to get my heart and my head in sync as to WHY I keep doing what I do which isn’t always easy.  Here are some questions that may help you reach that emotional why:

  • What does success mean to me?  Why do I want my business to success for me?  How does it feel or smell?
  • What am I most passionate about?  What keeps me going even on bad days?
  • In what way is my business an extension of my passion?
  • If I could make a difference for anyone, what would it be?  Why do I want my business to succeed for my team?
  • What are some small steps I can take to begin to make that difference?  Set your goals – short, medium, and long.
  • How can I support or contribute to a cause, organization, individual or group that stands for something that is important to me?

So, do you know your WHY?  Success for me is the self-confidence to have my own business while helping to provide financial freedom for myself and my family.  WOW!  See what blogging can do – I finally was able to put my emotional why into words!  Do you know your why?  Please share it with us.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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