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Successful Direct Selling

You have decided to join a direct sales company.  You think you have figured out your WHY? Don’t worry, it will probably change many times of the course of your direct selling career.  Now what, right?  Most direct selling companies have online training that will guide your through the company and its products.  They all say the same basic thing – BOOK, SELL, RECRUIT!  I mean that is the key, right?  Well it may not always be that simple.  The main keys to having a successful direct selling business are these:

  •  Keep your calendar full.  This will depend on how busy you want to be based on your goal income for the month. This sounds easy but there are challenges that go along with this including last minute cancellations.  Always have a backup plan in case one of your hostess cancel their party.  Encourage them to do a catalog party so that they are still reaping the rewards.  Have a list of potential last minute hostess/ friends that help out in a pinch.  Switching potential cancellations to catalog parties is relatively easy.  I wish I had a back up list of last minute hostess – you know the ones who can throw a party together at the drop of a hat and who LOVE your product.  By keeping your calendar full, you can be proactive in meeting your sales goals each month.
  • Make each sales appointment count.  I like the idea of thinking of each new party as your first one – keep it fresh.  If you are keeping your calendar full, you will run into people who have been at your parties so it is fun to change things up slightly.  JulieAnn Jones suggests doing things the exact same way all of the time.  Do think this is boring?  Well, she was tops in her direct sales company without really understanding why.  The trick to this is that you are easy to duplicate so it is not so intimidating for new recruits.
  • Be an expert on your product.   My favorite line to my hostess is that our products sell themselves.  While that is true, it is great to have lots of ideas on the benefits of your product as well as how it can solve various problems.  Solving problems for your customers is key whether you are selling cookware, food, makeup or bags.  Gather information from your customers on how they use a particular product and add that to your arsenal of product benefits.
  • Recruit often.  I am sure that right about now you are saying – I don’t want to be a leader, right?  I don’t want to be a pushy sales person.  WRONG!  If you believe in your company (as I do) and the opportunities that it offers (free trips, commission, incentives, bonuses, etc) share that information with others.  They will want to join you in your journey because they are just as excited as you are.

Here is to your success…There are a lot of resources out there besides the specific company that you are selling for – check them out.  The Direct Selling Education Foundation  has some amazing resources.  Feel free to share your direct selling success stories.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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