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 national conference

WOOHOO!  By the time this blog is posted, I will be on my way to the Atlantic City International Airport and HOTLANTA!  If you hear lots of WoOHoO – ing that is just LOTS of Thirty One consultants converging on the airport excited to be heading to National Conference.  Excited is an understatement.  I have been packing for weeks, selecting my outfits, planning my training schedule and contacting my Thirty One sisters so that we can meet up again this year.  Year 2 as a DIRECTOR!!!  Nervous, excited, overwhelmed – the emotions (and the tears are flowing).  The best part of all – I get to share it with Belinda who is traveling in from North Carolina to party Thirty One style with mom!

Okay, so I won’t have time to blog while I am in HOTLANTA but I am not going to let you down.  I actually think I need a support group for blogging – I am obsessed.  LOL.  What I am going to do over the next few days is share information and ideas from the amazing speakers that I will get a chance to meet first hand at conference.  Their ideas and training will be invaluable to you especially those in direct sales.  They include: Mary Christensen, Tammy Stanley, Jason Dorsey and Pam Herbert.  When I get back, I will share pictures of all of the excitement that was the 10th Anniversary of Thirty One.

For those who are wondering – I didn’t make it to my goal weight.  I am still about 6 pounds shy but that is okay.  I am going to enjoy my trip and if necessary “build a bridge and get over it” when I get home.  I am hoping that all of the walking and pre-packed healthy snacks will offset my desire for junk food or fattening southern food meals.  I will splurge but it will be worth it so that there are NO regrets.

Stay cool and enjoy my blogs over the next few days.  The next time you hear from me (probably on Tuesday) I will be a recuperating WoOHoO girl.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.


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