Hope Wissel

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Good Morning Everyone!  This is my FIRST blog after a weekend in HOTLANTA for Thirty One‘s National Conference.  I think it will take several days to catch up on my sleep and get back on track with Weight Watchers but it was so worth it.  My cup is overflowing – no, not literally!  I am filled emotionally, spiritually and lots of ideas that I will be implementing (and sharing) to grow my business this year.

From the minute I arrived at the Atlantic City International Airport, I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Walking up and introducing myself to other consultants was a little uncomfortable at first but I quickly got over it – for the moment.  It was great to see old friends and connect with new ones.  Once arriving in HOTLANTA with my comfort zone range a little wider than normal, I stepped out again.  Tagging along with newly met consultants to travel the MARTA, go to registration and then out to dinner.  What a blessing!  As I stepped out of my comfort zone, I was able to help others who were struggling.  Meeting new friends, sharing ideas and just connecting – it was AMAZING!  When things were a struggle and I wanted to retreat back to my safe zone, I asked God for guidance and strength – TRUST and BELIEVE.  God provided the strength that I needed to overcome when Satan was eager to steal my JOY.  And so it went for the entire weekend. I went on my own to meetings instead of waiting to find people I knew and I gathered a stack of business cards from people I met so that we could connect after conference.  As a result I was blessed with a new found passion for my business and a self-confidence in myself that I can not EVER remember having although I am sure at one time I did.  The emotions of Saturday night and walking across stage will guide me in my business this year.  Not only had I achieved my goal from last year, I made new friends, overcame some of my own personal fears and found a “fun” part of me that I lost so many years ago.  You will understand as I begin to post pictures from the weekend with me in my hat! Dancing, singing and LOTS of smiles (as Belinda would say – REAL ones, not those that are pasted on!)

As for Weight Watchers, LOTS of activity points were earned but I am sure that they were offset by the late night snacking and some not so good choices.  Of course, having IBS issues didn’t help either.  Those who planned the vegetarian menus think all we eat is salad!  Okay, I love salad but I need PROTEIN.  So, I found myself hungry (my 100 calorie almond packs didn’t really help) at 10pm at night, eating snacks while spending time with Belinda.  Back home, I woke up on Monday morning to get back to tracking and getting rid of the water weight as well as any other weight that I gained.  My bridge is built and I am over it.

I think the most humbling part for me – besides my walk across stage – was finding out how many people actually READ my blog.  I even have some of my readers giving me suggestions.  Thank you  Denise Speake Nani, I should have made notes on those suggestions!   I am blessed to be a part of the Thirty One family and the Beacon of Hope Team with an amazing NED – Hope Shortt who I am also privileged to call my friend. Stay tuned as I share what I learned with all of you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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