Business Tips and Tricks, Hope Wissel

You Are Who You Associate With

Gloria Mayfield-Banks was a guest speaker on Friday at Thirty One‘s National Conference.  She is an Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. appearing on CNN, ABC-TV and CNBC.  She is an expert in the fields of motivation, and self-esteem, sharing invaluable tips to help you revitalize your business!  She was AMAZING!

Her confidence, grace and eloquent speaking made me sit in awe since public speaking is not one of my strong points – especially in a room with 16,000 screaming women.  The first thing she said that SMACKED me in the head is “you become who you hang around with”.  Okay, I guess I always knew this however in the midst of all of the noise, I sometimes forget about it. Satan gains a stronghold in my life casting fear and doubt then before long, I am with all of the Negative Nellies and Debbie Downers.  As a result, negative attracts negative and then there is more negative than positive in my life.  I saw this happen during National Conference – as people complained, said hurtful words and were just plain grumpy, I saw my mood change.  I may say that the words “I TRUST and BELIEVE” when in reality fear and doubt are sometimes the guiding force.

Gloria’s FOUR basic tips made so much sense for me and my business:

1.  Time Management.  As simple as putting your keys in the same location every time you return home.  Basic, right?  How many times do we lose our keys? Misplace a file? Forget to follow-up with someone?  Time management involves having some basic systems in place to help you reach your goals.  I always thought that I was good at time management but when I listened to Gloria, I realized I had some definite flaws in my systems.

2.  Money Management.  Credit card debt, buying things we want instead of need, buying extra product just because someone may want it or to help us reach a goal?  I am sure at some time in our lives we can all relate to this.  I know this is NOT one of my strong points and as a result this is where Satan tends to hit me the hardest.  Growing up, I never really learned how to save until my parents divorced when I was 18.  My mom then became an amazing money manager and saver.  Unfortunately, this was a trait that I never learned and still struggle with on a daily basis.

3.  Emotional Management.  WOW!  The thought that I can choose a different emotion or journey always gets lost when Negative Nellie comes around unless someone else brings it to my attention.  I need to increase my focus and decrease my distractions.  Step 1 of this was by changing some things on Facebook.  Not only did this affect my time management but also affected my emotional management.  I am sure you have those people who show up in your news feed with the “negative” or indirect hurtful words.  I am sure I am not the only one.  I have decreased my distraction by eliminating them from my news feed – they are still friends but they will not be the ones that I see when I open my Facebook page.

4.  Skill Management.  Invest in your personal development.  Read at least 10 pages a day to help in your business growth (Thank you Lynette for this suggestion).  I have been blessed with an amazing up-line that has Shining Stars University which is a custom designed training program based on your skill and selling levels.

What area do you need to work on most to be successful in your business?  This may change on a regular basis but pick ONE that you can focus on to start.  It is a tie for me between Money Management and Emotional Management.  I would love to hear your thoughts on each of these management areas?  Please share your tips to help others.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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