Hope Wissel

Life’s Journey

Happy Saturday!!!!  Okay, maybe not so happy for me since I am headed to the Periodontist for an evaluation.  My old habits and a fear of the dentist are catching up with me as I get older.  I am blessed to have dental insurance and have now overcome my fear of the dentist.  Thank you Dr. Pippitone and staff who are absolutely AMAZING!

I have been talking about my life’s journey – for some they will stop reading but for others, I hope that I can inspire you to reach for your dreams despite overwhelming odds.  For nine years, my life revolved around Belinda and the South Jersey AIDS Alliance.  I never thought of myself as a workaholic during those times in my life.  I had a passion to help those who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so it was more than just a job – it was a calling.  I learned so much during that time in my life.  Belinda got an education that impacted her life as well.  She learned it was better to give than to receive.  She learned compassion for all people – not just those that the world thought deserved it.  As a result, she followed in my footsteps to be a Social Worker.

Belinda entered High School and I was given an opportunity.  A contract with Cumberland County Health Department to manage the HIV Planning Council – at home, flexible hours with minimal commute.  This was a REAL learning lesson.  This position allowed me to remain in contact with clients as well as advocate on their behalf on a local, State and Federal level.  The best part was that I got to work from home so I got to be involved in Belinda’s life as she entered those rough HS years.  She started All-Star cheering which meant lots of practices and competitions. I was able to do this.  I managed my schedule so that I worked when she was in school but was home if she needed me.  Sounds like an ideal job, right?  Being in business for yourself can be tough.  I had all of the social work stuff down pat, it was the business side of things (bills, taxes, etc.) that I was clueless about.  PLUS I went from a regular paycheck to County payments once a month then add to that some old addictive behaviors (once an addict always an addict rang true).  Interesting is an understatement.  No, I never picked up a drug but I did still have a problem managing money.  Financial matters are always an issue for me but I later learned some great tips from Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace University.

As I look back on these years, I wonder if I had of asked for God’s guidance would he have sent me on this path or did I take a detour because I wanted to be in control of things?  WOW!  There were some hard lessons along the way but God has used them to help guide me today.  There are some great resources out there if you want to be in your own business – check them out.  Use the tools and experiences of others to guide you.  Ask God for guidance and the LISTEN for his answer.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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