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Ready for the Fall Season?

Happy Monday!  It may be a little early to pull out the fall clothes but I know that many are thinking of fall as they get their families ready for the new school year.  I mean most stores started with “BACK to SCHOOL” sales in June before even some at the Jersey shore were out of school.   As a smart business owner, we should be thinking ahead.

Summer is the time of year when many direct sales companies have their National Conference and Thirty One is no different.  The premiere of the NEW Fall catalog creates an excitement that you want to share with the world!  Slow down for just a bit though because you don’t want to squelch your August sales in an effort to build your Fall sales.  September through December is when a lot of businesses do 70% of their sales – direct selling is no different.  So plan smart to prepare for the Fall business…

1.  Stock Up..  Thirty One is offering amazing opportunities for their consultants to earn lots of FREE products to get ready for the Fall selling season.  If we attended National Conference there was over $200 in FREE products.  During the first 2 weeks in August, we can earn Ready Set Sell Kits which features up to $250 worth of additional (not duplicated) products.  Did I mention that at our Celebrate and Connect meeting we got an additional FREE product?  PLUS, during the last two weeks in August, we can purchase a Fall add-on kit worth over $200 for $60.   Whatever your business, make sure that you stock up the on the products and samples that you will need for the Fall season.

2.  Make calls and appointments to schedule fall business.  Why wait?  Pick up the phone and share the excitement of the NEW Fall catalog or products with your past customers and hostess.  Fill your calendar so that you hit the ground running during the busiest season of the year.  Remember that for most year round businesses, 70% of their sales occur during this selling season.  You don’t want to miss out.  Hate picking up the phone?  Write a script and practice it until you become comfortable with it.

3.  Plan 2-3 marketing campaigns.  If you are in direct sales, this may not be the way to go unless of course you are a Thirty One consultant this Fall season.  You will be able to see TWO national advertising campaigns – REAL SIMPLE and InStyle magazines.  Check out their September editions to see how Home Office is helping us to grow our business.   In addition, you may decide to host a holiday open house, a contest or attend a vendor event.  Whatever you do – step out of your comfort zone to expand your business.  Provide GREAT customer service and watch the seeds you plant start to grow.

So, what are YOU doing for your Fall selling season?  If you are interested in the gift of Thirty One or to see how it can change your life, contact me.  I would love to share with you how it has changed my life.  Would love to read your comments below.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


1 thought on “Ready for the Fall Season?”

  1. Today I took photos of my girls lunch bags (old style but still) and the thermal bottle keeper – and the sinch sac and I plan to post that on FB and use as a get prepped for back to school with 31! and then point out all the great items you can use for back to school. I only like summer, I am not a fall or winter person, but it is the season to make sales for sure

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