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Free vs PAID?

Good Morning…I can hardly believe that it is the middle of August.  Where did the summer go?  I love the warmer weather but having grown up on the Jersey shore, I am always glad when Labor Day rolls around and the “shoobies” head home.  That is when I truly enjoy the boardwalk.

As the Fall season approaches, many are thinking of ways to earn extra cash for holiday spending.  I mean who doesn’t want some extra money to pay off bills or shop for holiday gifts without creating more debt.  The Fall season also brings with it many direct sales opportunities.  It allows me an opportunity to share the gift of Thirty One with others letting them know how it has changed my life.  As I tell party guests, the BEST deal in the catalog is the back page – our $99 kit for over $300 worth of products.  PLUS you get ME!  LOL.  Some may not think that is a gift but it lets them know that they are not alone in this journey.  Many times, I will have potential recruits say “Let me know when there is a special, and I will join then”.  That is when I begin asking more questions, especially “what kind of special are you looking for?”.  Many are looking for the FREE start-up kits/ enrollment periods offered by others in the direct sales industry.

free-vs-paid  In an article by, they talk about this exact thing.  My belief, even in my days in the non-profit world and social services was if an individual didn’t have a vested interest, they didn’t show up or participate.  In my early years of social work, I held many FREE events for clients and their families, I would get a lot of yes we will attend and the day of the event, the same few families attended.  Based on the RSVP list, I would prepare with food, prizes and more.  In the end, I would feel frustrated and disappointed that the response was usually less than 25% of those who responded to the invitation.  When I began charging a minimal fee, in some cases only $5 per family which they received back when they showed up to the event, the RSVP list matched the attendance list.  Lesson – people will show up no matter how small the investment on their part.

I feel the same way about beginning a business with Thirty One or any other direct sales company.  I am going to put some dates in this example as a way to understand the everyday “special”.  For the “fence-sitter” who is looking for a special deal but truly wants to earn some extra money:

  • Spend $99 for the Enrollment kit and get $300 in products on August 15th to get the NEW Fall enrollment kit
  • Book your launch party inviting EVERYONE and ANYONE that you know to your new business venture by August 29th.
  • The average party based on the company’s numbers is $657 = $165 in commission
  • PLUS, you have earned an additional $100 in FREE product for being the hostess of your launch party
  • PLUS, you have earned the Level 1 Startswell which is an additional $103 in FREE products
  • PLUS, you get a chance to purchase an additional $170 in Fall products for  $60.

So, for your initial investment of $159 you have received about $700 in product for FREE.  You receive a commission check on September 10th for $165 which more than covers your initial investment.  I would say that is an AMAZING special.  So what is a better deal, the FREE enrollment kit with limited items or a Thirty One enrollment kit for an initial investment of $99?  I will leave the decision up to you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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