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Waiting for an Answer.

Sunday – a day to rest, relax and recharge.  For me today is a work day – 9 hours at WAWA part morning then 2nd shift.  I am blessed to have found a part-time job that I like and who is willing to work with all of my “demands”.  See, at the interview, I wanted a part-time job for a multitude of reasons but I had my rules: no Mondays & Tuesdays as well as off when I had Thirty One parties (kind of make my own schedule deal) which some weeks means only being able to work 1 day.  The blessing is that despite all of those demands, they hired me.  I enjoy going to work – meeting new people, spotting potential Thirty One customers & hostesses and the ability to improve my people skills.

As I got ready to write today’s blog, my devotionals got me to thinking about the demands that I place on God.  You may know the ones I mean – “You have to help me, NOW” or “Lord, help me to get XYZ”.  Doesn’t it say in John 14:14 “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it”.  When we don’t get what we have asked for, we think that God isn’t listening. The truth is it may be US that isn’t listening to him.  We want God to answer our prayers NOW not in his time or in his way, right?  TRUST and BELIEVE is more than just words, they are action steps that we need to take when we pose a request to God.

Whether it be at WAWA, home parties or on my team, I encounter a variety of personalities and sometimes they are the thorn in my side. The people who know how to push your buttons.  The ones who know just the right words to say to open the door for Doubtful Debbie and Negative Nellie.  I am learning that these thorns in my side are God’s way of molding and shaping me.  Is it easy?  NO!  But when I ask God for something, sometimes these thorns are my blessings.  Well, that is a hard pill to swallow!

All of this boils down to learning to “quiet my soul“.  Going to God in prayer doesn’t mean that I should do all of the talking or asking. I need to LISTEN for God’s answer.  Sometimes it is not be the one I want.  Sometimes it may not come exactly when I want it yet he always answers me – in his time, in his way.  So as I am willing to practice to improve my skills in my business, I must be willing to practice trusting, believing, and quieting my soul when I seek God’s wisdom.  Saying a quick prayer and then moving on without LISTENING for an answer is NOT what God was looking for when he said in Psalm 131:2, “But I have stilled and quieted my soul.”

This week, I will re-adjust my priorities so that my devotions are not just reading his word.  I will take a moment and LISTEN to see what the answer is to my prayers (questions or demands).  As I rest, relax and recharge with true living water from God, I will experience real peace and rest that only comes from with Him.  His living water will help me to face the challenges that the week may bring.  What about you – do you find it challenging to sit quietly with God?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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