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Facebook – Business or Personal Page?

Happy Friday!  One more week till Labor Day week-end, the end of summer and the start of the NEW Fall catalog with Thirty One.  WooHOO!  When someone mentions “social media”, is your FIRST thought – Facebook?  I can hear the groans now!  Some love it, some hate it but the truth is it can help you to develop a community of customers or potential customers that will eventually help you to grow your business.

Many of us have personal Facebook pages where we share family things, personal thoughts and lately, we seem to be mixing in the business stuff.  I developed a “CLOSED” Facebook group for my customers and hostesses but you have to friend me in order to join.  That can be a problem for some so they have shied away from it.  NOW, I have a business page where they can simply “like” the page to get information on Thirty One.  It is so much better.  I can actually separate business from personal.  A novel concept, huh?  In trying to find ways to attract people to my NEW business page, I found this article in Direct Sales Education Foundation with  a few tips:

  1. Plan content that your fans want.  Here is an interesting fact – up to about 10% of your fans will actually see any one post.  WHAT?  So, think about why your fans liked your page and then give them what they want.  Plan ahead – this could be a new approach for me.  Take into accounts holidays, company specials, catalog changes, etc.
  2. Invite your online friends and contacts to like your Page.  I did this as soon as I posted the NEW business page and was amazed that in about 2 hours, I had almost 50 fans.  I was excited.  I also posted my new page in other Facebook networking groups and asked them to like my page.
  3. Offer deals that help community service organizations.  Encourage others to not only like your page but to share it with friends and family.  If you are in direct sales, make sure you check the policies and procedures of your company.  Thirty One does not allow us to offer special deals on our public page ONLY in our closed groups.
  4. Interact as your page on other relevant Facebook Pages.  This was a new tidbit of information for me.  Every time you place a comment on Facebook, make sure it is through your business page instead of your personal account.  If you are commenting on another business or network group, ask questions, thank people for great information, etc as your business.  In this way you become a useful member of the community.
  5. Advertise on Facebook.  Personally, this would not be for me.  I also think that this is against the Facebook policies of Thirty One but for others, advertising dollars may be a good investment.

So, who is ready to do a BUSINESS Facebook page?  I am sure your friends and family will be glad to see something besides business items on your personal page.  Remember that with a little thought and attention, your Facebook Page can become a place where your biggest fans gather.  What are your tips for successfully growing your Likes?  Would love to read your thoughts…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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