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Presentation Endings – Good or Bad?

Happy Monday!  With one more week to go before the end of August and the start of the NEW Fall selling season for Thirty One (and most direct sales companies), today is about asking for the SALE/ PARTY.

double hostessSeems like a non-brainer, right?  It’s a new catalog and if you are a Thirty One consultant, the company has upped the ante for the hostess with DOUBLE hostess credits for a $600 party (company average for a party is $657).  I found an article by another blogger, Pam Terry called the Do’s and Don’ts for Selling at the End of Your Presentation” which peaked my curiosity and got me thinking.  She asked a GREAT question “Have you ever failed at providing an offer at the end of your presentation?”  I thought back to my party this past weekend and the answer was a DEFINITE YES!  I actually didn’t even make an offer at the end – I talk about recruiting in the beginning with a partial backwards catalog script then I share the hostess wish for a hostess exclusive and at the end never reiterate any of it.  UGH!  Yes, I book parties because I use a hostess necklace which encourages the hostess to have her friends book so she gets a prize.  The hostess has no clue what the prize is but she helps get her friends to book parties taking some of the pressure off of me.

Here are some tips from Pam:

  1. Your presentation content should tie closely to your offer, but not sound like you are selling during the major part of your talk.  I play the purse game sharing products and information about the versatile uses of Thirty One‘s purses, totes and accessories.  At the end of my presentation, I fail to remind everyone how easy it is to get all these things FREE or discounted by being a consultant or booking a party.  What about you?
  2. Prepare your offer so that it creates value and is at a special discounted price just for today.  This may be difficult as a Thirty One Consultant since I believe that the enrollment kit and company incentives are already AMAZING.  One of things that I can do is talk about how easy it is to enjoy a night out with friends while making money.  I talk about my “WHY” in the beginning but nothing at the end.  I need to AGAIN talk about the value of being a hostess.
  3. Price your offer to make the value that you have provided.  A $99 investment gets you $300 plus in products, support from home office AND me to help you along the way.  FREE products for being a hostess is another incentive.
  4. Provide a way for your attendees to easily sign up for your offer.  Always have your calendar ready so people can sign up for a date to book a party or have a recruiting packet ready to hand to someone who may be interested in the opportunity.  I am always ready but if I don’t ASK for the PARTY or offer the opportunity what good is it?

Although Pam’s blog talks about selling a particular product, the concept of building audience trust and fostering a relationship works in ALL businesses.  The key is DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR THE SALE or THE PARTY!  This is something that I sometimes forget to do because of FEAR.  So, who is ready to close the deal?  Who is ready to book those parties and find those new recruits to offer the opportunity to make their dreams come true?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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