Relax, Reflect, Recharge

Recharge Your Passion

Sunday is typically a day of church, rest and relaxation for me – a chance to recharge our batteries emotionally, spiritually and physically.   This has been a week filled with questions – yes, Doubting Debbie has come uninvited to visit yet again.  I was thinking about today’s blog when Hope Shortt (love my Director) posted a blog from Dave Ramsey‘s site called “Don’t Build Park Benches if You Love Frisbee“.   It kind of sums of this week’s struggle with Thirty One and my weight loss.

This cute story was a DUH moment for me – not an AHA moment.  My plan that started in December 2011.   The plan to leave my full-time job ending my 4-hour a day round-trip commute along with my 8 – 10 hour days for something else.  My “passion” was to do something that I loved with very little commute AND work for myself again.  My full-time job for many years was my full-time job but the commute along with the added responsibility had it becoming “just” a job.  My plan was that my Thirty One business would go from a hobby to a FULL-TIME income in about 3 months. Okay, you can stop laughing now?  They say that laughter is great for the soul, right?

Did you know that more than 80% of Americans WANT to quit their job but only about 1% will do something about it.  Okay, so now I was in the 1%. Now what?

I got nervous when a year later, my business had not grown at the pace I dreamed – the “what ifs” started and the FEAR.  I decided to TAKE CONTROL of God’s plan for me, my finances and my business.  So, I got a part-time job at WAWA.  Believe it or not, I enjoy it.  Am I passionate about it?  Come on, it is WAWA.  The hours are flexible, the people (most of them) are nice and I get to share about my Thirty One business with customers and employees.  What more could a girl ask for, right?  My business has been steadily growing – more home parties, vendor events, new recruits, my team is growing deep as well as wide BUT… see I can’t seem to get away from that word.  BUT, what?  Am I comparing myself to others?  Am I not content with God’s plan for my business growth?  Am I not worthy of God’s grace?  The doubts and fears all come down to trusting and believing in God’s love for me despite my past (or current) mistakes.  Am I willing to DARE to be awesome?  Am I going to sway from my passion to take a JOB or am I going to be BRAVE and focus on my passion?

So, where are you?  ME – I am going to DARE to be BRAVE and follow my passion.  As I reflect and recharge today, I am refocusing on my passion and ready to conquer the world sharing the gift of Thirty One.  You may still find me at WAWA some days but I won’t let it divert me from my passion.  What is your passion and are you willing to dare to be awesome?  Share your passion with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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