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Restaurant or Bar Party Alternative

September starts the BIGGEST selling season for direct sellers.  Statistics show that 70% of our business will be done between NOW and mid-December for the holidays.  That being said, what makes you or your parties stand out? We all think OUR product is the most AMAZING!  Our parties are the BEST!  Reality check!!!!  Every direct seller thinks the same thing.  So, here is a different type of party idea….

girls night out 2

Deb Bixler shared about “Hold Restaurant Parties or Bar Shows” in her blog.  I actually attended one held by another direct sales company and was AMAZED at the amount of people who attended.  Many of the guests that I talked to, loved the idea because there was no “sales pitch” PLUS they got to shop and leave based on their own schedule.  These types of parties allow several hosts to earn the benefits of being a hostess without having to clean their house!  So, not only do you have your invited guests but this is a GREAT opportunity to introduce your product to strangers who frequent the restaurant or bar where the party is held.  The one I attended was held on Ladies Night at the restaurant/bar where the consultant paid for a few half price appetizers while guests paid for their own drinks and any additional food.  Here are the Top 5 reasons to have a restaurant or bar party:

  • The room rental is free or very affordable.
  • There are a lot of walk-in clients.
  • Food is available if you want to provide it.
  • Guests can buy their own.
  • No one has to clean their house!

If you should try this, here are some suggestions to make it a success:

  • Promote it in social networks and groups
  • Blog about it
  • Use posters
  • Put it in the newspaper calendars and free papers
  • Have electronic and hard copy invitations
  • Keep a list
  • Call everyone and remind them

If you have hosts who are inviting guests, you should hostess coach them just as you would for their home party.  Mail out invitations.  Get EVERYONE excited about this.  The more excitement, the greater the attendance, the greater the sales.  Some other suggestions:

  • Offer door prizes – products, general small gifts, etc.
  • Offer bonuses for those who book a party or sign up to join your team
  • Help those who have agreed to host to increase their sales by adding orders to their party

As our condo has gotten too small for my growing group of loyal Thirty One customers and hostesses, it is necessary to go to other locations.  I am looking to do a restaurant party as we approach the holiday season to not only boost sales but to reach out to others who may not know about our FABULOUS Thirty One products.

What are your “outside the box” party ideas?  Let’s share them with each other.  Watch for more party ideas in upcoming posts.  Do you want to hold a theme party or do you know a restaurant/bar that would be great for us to host an event?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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