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Vendor Events

Along with the Fall season comes a barrage of Vendor & Craft Shows as well as Flea Markets.   I have written about Vendor events before but this time I would like to talk about follow-up.  “The money is in the follow-up”.  I wish I could remember who said it but I do know that it is TRUE.  I mean why go to all of the work of finding, attending, talking and sharing your products with everyone if you aren’t going to follow-up with them.  I know that for some, this may mean picking up the phone (you know the 500-lb one) or stepping out of your comfort zone but trust me when I say, it is worth it!

JulieAnne Jones who is an AMAZING direct sales trainer, had a guest blogger named Sylvie Drader who shared her tips for following up after an event:

  1. Clear your calendar the week after the show/event.  Okay, that may seem a little overwhelming for some but you at least want to set aside time to followup.  I LOVE her idea of planning your own event/party shortly after that – within a week or two so you have an opportunity to invite people.  What a great reason to pick up the phone – a personal invitation to your event/party?  Seems easy, right?
  2. Collect information from qualified leads.  This happens at the event.  I never sit behind my table at an event.  I am always interacting with people whether they stop at my table, hesitate a second (in only takes a brief look) or make a comment about something on the table; I am ready to engage them in a conversation.  I usually offer a special gift/ drawing that entices them to fill out my variation of a “guest care card”.  There are 2 questions on it with a scale of 1 – 10 on “How interested are you in the following? 1.  Hosting a  “Friends Night Out” where you’ll be spoiled, have a great time and get a FREE shopping spree.  2. Learning more about how my opportunity can change your life.”  I like Sylvie’s statement of “if they don’t answer the questions, I will consider it a 10”.  When I use these forms, I add my own notes about our conversation.
  3.  Enter all contact information into an excel spreadsheet.  Thirty One has such an AMAZING back office, this step is not necessary.  In addition, I have Big Contacts which does a lot of auto responding for me as well as templates that are already set up to send out information to my leads.
  4. Send an email as soon after the end of the show as possible.  Preferably, you want to do this the next day.  it could be your latest newsletter or an email to invite them to an event you have planned.
  5. Give a phone call to each contact within a week to 10 days of the end of the show.  I have to admit, in theory this is GREAT but I do fall short on this.  I am going to try and just say “thank you for stopping by” and remind them about something that we talked about – no real “sales pitch”.

The fortune is in building relationships with your potential customers.  You want them to trust you.  Keep the connection going by sending them your monthly newsletter, and periodic phone calls.  What are you best tips for follow-up after a vendor event?  Please share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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