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They Came – Now What?

Happy Friday!!!  “Show us Your Shoes” will be heard loud and clear along the Atlantic City Boardwalk tonight as the Miss America contestants have some fun before the actual Miss American Pageant on Saturday night.  It is a fun time where EVERYONE gets involved showing off their personality along with their shoes.  I know, what does this have to do with recruiting and my team, right?  Well, have you ever thought of having a “show your __________” event for your team?  I know a little out of the box so here are some ideas from

1.  Group Blog:  I LOVE blogging but I am not sure I would blog just for my team.  I mean I really doubt some days that anyone reads my blog now why would I consider limiting my readers.  My blogs already include business tips and product information as well as some personal insight.

2.  Email Group:  This is an interesting idea and would allow the group to talk via email instead of the norm which seems to be Facebook.  I thought everyone did Facebook but I am finding that there are some on my team that only do email and NOT Facebook.  Yahoo has a group email loop and so does Big Tent.  I think I will have to check this out and consider the possibilities.

3.  Message Board:   This is suggested as one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your team online.  Posts can be categorized into topics and archived.

4.  Group Facebook Page:  In the world of social media, this seems to be one of the most popular ways of communicating between team members.  I have a team page as well as my up-line having a Facebook page.  This has been the best option for group interaction so far for my team.  The majority of my team reads the group page but there is limited interaction between consultants.  So, why not a “show us your bag” contest?

5.  Chat Rooms: This reminds of the early years of computers when people met in chat rooms to talk to each other.  Of course this was BEFORE Facebook, Skype and instant messaging.

6.  Teleconference Phone Calls:   I have not started this but it is in my plan within the next few months.  A monthly call where we could CELEBRATE team members, ENCOURAGE and get to know each other.

What are the benefits of your team interacting with each other?

  • They can team up to do parties or business events.  Sharing event information with team members builds a stronger team
  • Brainstorming sessions – share information, ideas so that we are not recreating the wheel or help to generate new ideas.
  • An emotional and spiritual support system for everyone on the team.

So, how to do you interact with your team?  Share your ideas on what works best.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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