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YIKES! Caller ID

Good Morning!  How many of you have caller id – at home?  On your cell phone?  At home, calls that come up “unavailable”, “blocked”, or “unknown” typically go unanswered right?  We know that if it is someone that we wanted to talk with – they would identify themselves!  Those that we know and talk to all of the time are programmed into our cell phones.  Some even have distinctive rings to let us know who it is without even looking at the phone.  So when I saw JulieAnne Jone‘s blog about caller id – I had an AHA moment.  Alright, it was more like a DUH moment!

My office is in the bottom floor of our condo which makes cell phone reception a bit sketchy sometimes.  I had this GREAT idea to use our house phone when I was calling customers and hostesses so that I wasn’t suddenly disconnected. Sounded like a good idea in the beginning.  Then the first call back came on the house line and I realized that people checked their caller id FIRST and then listened to messages.  As a result, the people that I called weren’t calling my cell number (business line) they were calling the house where they might get hubby or they would just get a generic voice mail.  I had what I THOUGHT was a GREAT idea – *67 before I called customers from my home number.  This way, they would not see the number and would have to listen to my voice mail message FIRST.  Alright, so here is the no brainer – if they can’t see who is calling, they probably won’t pick up the phone!  I mean do you pick it up when you don’t know who is calling?

There goes that important component in our business called “building relationships with your customers”.  If someone answers the phone when they don’t know who it is chances are they already have a preconceived idea on what they are going to say  – NO to whatever the question is, right?  They figure it is a sales pitch and they don’t want to be a part of it.  On the other hand, if someone sees who is calling and decides to answer (if they are home) it means that they are open to talking to you even though they know that you may be asking to book a party or to make a sale.  Remember that building relationships with customers means more than just calling when YOU have an agenda.  Connect with your customers for no reason at all – just to wish them a happy birthday or to see if they like their product.

Next time you get ready to block your phone number when calling someone, THINK about what your response would be if you received a blocked call.  Don’t be afraid to connect (or not) with your customers – let them know who is calling.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject – pros and cons!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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