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Quality vs Quantity?

Recruiting – quality versus quantity?  I am sure there are pros and cons on both sides so no hate mail, please.  When I decided that I wanted to go into Leadership, there were some basic components to my business that I had to make sure were in place –  my personal sales/ parties had to be consistent AND I had to start growing my team (wide and deep).  I have talked often about my initial step (or fall) into leadership.  When I made the conscious decision to grow my business and my team, I was on a mission but quickly realized the difference between quantity and quality of recruits.

The SalesMomsNetwork had a blog on this same subject and as this seems to be the time of year when many decide to grow their business, I thought it was worth revisiting.  I LOVE Thirty One‘s model for a consultant of 2 – 10 – 1 which simply means at least 2 parties a month with at least 10 guests per party and 1 recruit PER CATALOG SEASON.  I know you are wondering if you only do 1 recruit per season it will take you forever to grow your team, right?  Some do 2 recruits per season with the goal of each of those recruits being successful or maintaining their business.  I mean what good is it to have 100 girls on your team if only 10 of them are holding parties and the rest are just barely staying active.  Leading by example is a great way to build your team.  I have found consultants who are on a recruiting mission to see how many new recruits they can get per month.  Is that you?  Are you helping your new recruits to grow, learn and nurturing them?  Do you compare the size of your team with those of other leaders?  Be purposeful in your recruiting – focusing on how your company can best meet the needs of your potential recruit.  What is their WHY?  What good is recruiting lots of people only to have them become inactive.  I don’t mean to say that everyone has to want direct sales as their main source of income – although some would say that is the only way to have a quality team and a growing business.

I LOVE my team because it is a diverse group who all have their own goals for their business.  I have been blessed to only have a few kit-nappers over the last 2 1/2 years.  As a Director, it is up to me to help new team members – CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE & REWARD them as they reach for their goals.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  That is okay!  Maybe their vision of a full-time business has changed and they only want to do the basic 2 – 10 – 1 or maybe not even the 1 recruit just a few parties. That is okay.  There will be others who will go from the initial plan of 2 – 10 – 1 to wanting and growing their business to full-time potential.  The beauty of direct sales is that YOUR business is YOUR business!  I truly believe that a team needs to have diverse members to be successful – you never know who your next ROCK STAR will be!  If you focus on just those people who KNOW what they want and ignore those who have some great qualities – you may be missing YOUR next ROCK STAR.

If you want to learn more about joining my amazing team, contact me for details.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.

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