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Hostess Coaching Makes the Difference

1157637_10153223055625724_870645234_nHappy Thursday!  For those in the party plan business, today is probably the start of your work week (for me at least) since most of my parties are held on Friday or Saturday nights.   I have been trying figure out the GREAT divide in my party sales last week.  My party style hasn’t changed so it must be how I interacted with each hostess.  Thirty One provides an AMAZING checklist to hostess coaching so it should be a no-brainer, right?  Use the checklist and all will be well, most of the time.  The difference is really my approach to each hostess which depends on the relationship that I have built with them leading up to the party!

Hostess Coaching is the most important thing that a consultant can do to ensure success before, during and after the party.  Coaching is the motivation that keeps your Hostess working toward a successful party.   I always hostess coach but sometimes I stumble through it – why?  I tend to forget that the hostess is my business partner so I need to make sure that she has all of the tools necessary for success.  The 3 key requirements to communicating with your new host BEFORE she walks out the door of a party according to JulieAnn Jones is:

  •  Set a show date with 30 days from that night, if possible
  • Assign the task of completing the guest list and offer an incentive to get it done
  • Schedule a date within one week to get the guest list

With the busy holiday season, I have been booking parties through November that include a show date.  I usually wait to give them the guest list information until I send or deliver the hostess packet which I am thinking for those over 30 days  is not the best idea.  I have also found that I have “pre-judged” the party outcome based on my hostess doubts of success.  As a result, outside order sales have been down so party sales were down.

Here are two ideas that I wanted to share:

  • BEAT MY BEST PARTY!  I now have zipper pouches made up as hostess packets.  If the hostess beats the sales listed on the paper then she gets to keep the zipper pouch.  Since I have had some really high parties, I have started taking an average of the parties from the previous month/ year so that it is a reachable goal.  Thank you Jeanine for the idea!
  • Facebook Events:  No, I don’t hold an online party but I do set-up or have the hostess set-up a Facebook event.  This doesn’t take the place of snail mail invites, it enhances them.  I periodically post to the event pictures of product uses, words of encouragement to place online orders if not attending, talk about celebrating the hostess and more.

What are some of you best hostess coaching tips?  Share them with us.  Hostess coaching can make the difference between a $1300 and a $600 party.  Which would you prefer?  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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