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Got Customers?

Booking parties is the best way to build your direct sales business, right?  The more people you meet, the more opportunities to book, sell and recruit.  BUT what about those people who are just NOT party people.  I hear it all the time, “I don’t do parties”, “no one ever comes to my parties”.  Don’t give up because they could be your BEST customers.  Here are some tips for attracting NEW customers and to keep them coming back…

1.  Host and open house and make your accessible.  I have held many open houses but never really thought about inviting local business owners.  For me, that might be real estate agents who give gifts to new home buyers, nurses who love our bags but work long shifts, or how about a catering business who needs thermals to transport their food.  As a party plan business, I thought mainly about parties but what about the businesses that could take advantage of our GREAT products.  An open house in a neutral setting where there is snacks, giveaways, brochures, etc is a great way to immerse yourself into the community and STEP OUT of that comfort zone.  Display products with solutions to target those who will attend.

2.  Cross-promote your business.  I am actually starting to do this friends who are part of other direct sales companies since they already use our Thirty One products.  Suggesting gifts from both companies is a great way to expand BOTH businesses.  I LOVE the fact that my direct sales customers recommend ME when someone is looking for Thirty One bags.  In return, when someone is looking for a consultant from their direct sales company, I recommend them.  A win-win for everyone.

3.  Generate conversation and maintain an online presence.  “Google” YOUR name and see what happens.  Since I have been blogging – my blogs and website come up first.  An online presence means using social media to not only promote your business but to also generate conversation.  Think of the possibilities – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest.  How about a blog?  I must admit – I love to blog.

4.  Explore and tap into unique communities. GET INVOLVED.  Have a hobby, join a club.  Have an interest, join a group.  Have a cause you believe in, volunteer.  Build relationships with people as you network and as a result your business will get more exposure.

5.  Provide a little something special. What makes you different from everyone else in your business?  Make your customer’s experience memorable and positive.  I love that my past hostesses talk about how easy it was to have a party with me.  Or, customers sharing how a product experience helped them decide without pressure on the items that best fit their needs.

6.  Make customer service the focus of your business.  Create a system that rewards customers for their patronage and loyalty.  I have a simple frequent buyer card that I attach to the receipt of each order when it is delivered to my customers.  For every purchase of $31, they get an “X” on their 6th purchase, they receive a $15 credit.

When coming up with more ideas to attract customers, remember to be genuine, friendly, and professional.  Aim for accessibility, authentic engagement, uniqueness and processes that deliver consistent excellence.  We would love to hear how you “get more customers”…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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