Hope Wissel

Another Blog Anniversary

Happy Monday!  It has been a busy weekend filled with friends – old and new and a Sunday filled with football with hubby.  Six months ago Vanessa Coppes challenged me to write a blog – after having lots of doubts, I just started writing.  My first blog touched on a subject that was dear to my heart – Bullying.  Since that first blog, every day I have shared with you a multitude of things – personal and professional, struggles and joys – through it all, I have been transformed into a butterfly. Okay, so that may sound a little silly but when I started blogging I was full of doubt wondering if anyone would ever read it.  I lacked confidence.  Now, I have about 100 people who I don’t even know that follow my blog.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot to some of you but to me it was HUGE!  Of course I have lots of loyal friends and family who check out my blog daily via Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s tips are on making your BLOG Remarkable and come from Business2Community.com:

1.  Focus on one point and one point only.  This was tough for me in the beginning but it gets easier.  Think about those essays you used to write in school – stick to the topic.

2.  Remarkable blog posts help someone out.   With every blog, I think that if it helps just one person – it is worth the time it took me to write it.

3.  Remarkable blog posts follow the same story structure you learned when you were nine years old.  It needs a beginning a middle and an end.  There are some GREAT books out there that will help you with this.  Check out Melissa McDowell‘s book called The Editorial Checklist Planner to help you with planning your blog.

For more tips, check out the article.  My best advice is just START!  Write about what you know – personal stories, struggles, successes, or things you have learned but above all BE YOURSELF.  Here are some links to my past articles on blogging:

Have you been thinking about blogging?  I CHALLENGE YOU to write your first blog TODAY!  Don’t wait.  Stop making excuses.  Just DO IT!  Share your blog link with us so we can all follow you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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