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Intuitive Power

Women’s intuition?  We have all head the term – okay, so maybe I am truly showing my age but EVERYONE has intuition.  You know that gut feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something.  I had the pleasure of meeting Patty Lennon of Mom Gets a Life on Saturday at the ETTM conference.

So, do you use your intuitive powers to build your business?  Do you act on those things that you think that you aren’t supposed to know or do you let FEAR take over?  Can you say another AHA moment.  FEAR often takes over when I have a crazy thought but Patty talked about knowing where those thoughts come from – head or gut?  She had us do a brief exercise:

  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on the ONE thing that you need a solution for your business (sales, parties, recruits, etc)
  • What is the first thought that pops into your head?  Does it sound crazy?

Here is an example:  If you want to reach out to more moms, where would you go?  I mean in most cases they are busy women who are always on the go right?  Here are some different ideas:

  • a playground where moms get to connect while watching their kids play
  • a library that has a kids reading time – it is the only time they may get 5 minutes to themselves
  • Mommy & me groups
  • a fast food restaurant at lunch time that has a outdoor play area

Do you see what I mean.  Think about WHO you are meant to serve and HOW you are going to serve them?  Maybe you get a crazy thought while you are on your way to one of these locations that says go to Starbucks.  Well, GO!  Who knows that could be where the busy moms are hanging out that day while their kids are at school or at an after school activity.  I know it sounds crazy.  Believe it or not, I usually OVER think when I get a stray thought – why did I get it, is it avoidance or should I go or am I just have a senior moment and getting side tracked?  Maybe some of my “senior” moments are actually my intuition kicking in – novel concept, right?

I CHALLENGE you today to focus on ONE thing that you want for your business – more customers, more parties, more recruits then ACT on your first response.  Share with us the results.  I would love to hear how YOUR intuitive power is working to help you grow your business.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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