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As women, we wear many hats – mom, wife, employee, boss, chauffeur, referee, housekeeper.  entrepreneur and the list continues.  Our goal is to be the best we can be in each area of our lives, in other words a SUCCESS!   Success can look different to everyone.  For me, I struggle with the word success.  I often don’t see what other people see in me which can lead me down the road with “Doubtful Debbie”.

As I was going through my notes from Saturday’s AMAZING ETTMoms Conference, I wanted to share some perils of wisdom from Vanessa Coppes:

  • Don’t BS.  Be true to yourself because others can see right through the BS no matter how good you think you are at it.
  • It is NEVER about YOU, it is ALWAYS about them.  This is so true.  Zig Ziglar says this:

zig ziglar

  • People like to be schmoozed.  I LOVE this line.  People like to feel special whether it is an employee, a team member, your party hostess or a customer.  It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on them – you can simply CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD them.
  • Be open and genuine.  Share with people but don’t throw all your stuff at them.  Here is where you could practice Deb Bixler’s 10-second rule.  Be open and share but also LISTEN.
  • Always be appropriate.
  • Be in the present!  Okay, so I struggle with this one.  How many of us are doing one thing but thinking about the next 10 things that we need to do?  GUILTY!  I have changed my office hours to try and practice this. Monday and Tuesday are hubby’s days off so I now don’t have office hours on those days.  I spend a few hours in the early morning doing things in the office but the rest of the day is spent with him.  Why?  Because I need to practice being in the present.  Enjoy the walks around the lake, going out to breakfast and just cuddling on the couch without reaching for the phone or the computer.  Not easy for this struggling workaholic.
  • Allow yourself to be schmoozed.  Yeah, I am not good at this either.  I don’t take compliments well but I am practicing just saying “thank you”.

Check out the blog, “Things Successful Women Do Differently” for more tips on what successful women do differently.  The #1 BUSINESS tip was: NEVER GIVE UP!  Have passion, drive and go for it.  My passion is to help women simplify their lives with purses, totes and accessories while at the same time CELEBRATING them as women who take care of everyone BUT themselves (usually).

What is your passion?  Are you going for it?  Tell us about your passion.  I would love to hear from you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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