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Branding and Connections

944746_172136312961889_990348781_nIt is Monday morning – for most the dread of another work week.   I have jumped on the ENERGY BUS and am making the choice to surround myself with ONLY positive things.  Check out the book for yourself.

Today is all about branding YOURSELF and the POWER OF CONNECTIONS.  I first heard about branding from my AMAZING upline Hope Shortt.  As a National Executive Director with Thirty One, she is NOW branding herself as a motivator and personal coach.  The truth is – she has ALWAYS been that for her team members.  She was always more than just a “bag lady”.  My first ETTM meeting, I was reminded that I too was more than just a “bag lady”.  So with a little nudging (okay maybe even some gentle arm turning), I began to think about my brand.  I am still not sure what my “brand” is other than HOPE!  I guess my names sums it up, right?  I am share my strengths, hope and experience with others so that it might help them personally and professionally.

By branding myself, I have learned how strong the power of connections can truly be which in the end will be a blessing for my business (and yours if you try it).  Mind you, hubby doesn’t get it because he is as the IRS would call him “a wage earner” where I am an entrepreneur…always wanting my own business and willing to keep trying even when I have been unsuccessful.  Remind me to tell you my tale of the “Special Tots” clothing business.  I know, I am probably rambling but I am really excited and had way too much coffee this AM.  Oh, right – the power of connections.

Tracey, a fellow ETTM member, posted that “The Lady With the Alligator Bag” (Donna Bozzo) was looking for organizational products to highlight on her tv segment.  I sent her an email and told her about Thirty One’s organizational products.  It was not a sales pitch, it was just sharing information.  Imagine how surprised I was when I got a email with a link to her segment.  The Thirty One Fold and File was highlighted along with some other neat products that can help make life simple for busy moms.  Did it increase my business TODAY, no but I have now connected with someone who I may not have met before.  This connection will not only help my business but may ultimately bless many other Thirty One sisters.  How cool is that?

I was humbled the other day when Patty Lennon actually wanted to “repost” my blog about her presentation.  I mean she is a motivational speaker and she wanted to “friend” me on Facebook.  Another connection made!  Who knows where the connection may lead?  There is a reason why people cross our paths – whether for a minute, a season or for life – treasure the moments and learn something from each person.  Connections can come in all shapes and sizes.

The bottom line today is BRAND yourself – the person you ARE not by the job you have.  It took me 50+ years to learn that but I now know that I am more than my job title and so are you.  By branding you and making connections – all things are possible.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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