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How Valuable is YOUR Product

Happy Friday!!!!  If you are in business, have a specific product or product line, you think (or should I say know) it is the best out there, right?  I mean who wouldn’t want YOUR product.  As direct sellers, we know how valuable our products are and how it will be the BEST thing for everyone that we come into contact with.

Think about the last time you “pitched” your product and what your potential customer was probably thinking as they were listening to you talk.  Remember the Peanuts specials that have aired during all of the holidays?  Do you remember the Peanut’s gang sitting in the classroom listing to the teacher “blah, blah, blah, blah”?  Would YOUR potential customer think that about you – zoning out while you rambled on about why they should buy YOUR product?  Here are a few tips that will keep you from loosing your potential customer and at the same time make your products seem more valuable and desirable to your customers:

1.  Get people talking.  When people love your products, they will share it with their friends.  I mean don’t you share your favorite restaurant or a good movie?  People want what others have, it is just human nature.  Post testimonials or pictures of different uses of your products especially those from satisfied customers.

2. Skip the long features list.  BORING!!!  Stop lecturing your customers and ask them questions.  LISTEN to their answers and then find the product that best fits their needs.  Tell them about the features of the product you are showing ONLY if it helps to solve their particular problem.

3.  Highlight ease of use.  Explain to your customers how to use your products without the need for your customers to rely on an instruction sheet.

4.  Offer a test drive.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could try EVERYTHING before we bought it.  The best part of a Thirty One party is that we not only get to CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD the hostess but also her guests.  If a potential customer is not interested in a home party, I offer a “product experience”.  This is a chance to PLAY with product in the comfort of your home without any obligation to buy.  Customers get a chance to try the purse, wallet or organizational product in the comfort of their own home before they actually purchase it.  A more personal approach to direct sales.

How do you share your products so your customers know their value?  Share your best tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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